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AccuZIP User Group Conference

AccuZIP User Group Featured Speaker Ron Labrozzi



About Ron:

Ron Labrozzi is the President and co-owner of Mailstar, Inc. a direct mail company who works with mostly not for profit’s in Rochester NY for 30 years. Our primary goal is to increase donations for our not for profit customers. We take the approach (\"it’s not about how much we can save you, but how much more we can increase for you\".) Ron has developed a Production Tracking software program that was sold to the industry for 10 years. Ron is a member of an elite group of advisors (only about 20 in the country) for RICOH on services and product development. Ron is an Alumnae’s from the school of hard knocks!  There is no better way to learn! It’s expensive but worth it!

Ron will be presenting the following session at World of AccuZIP

  • Improving profitability in Direct Mail
    • Learn tips from a professional in the direct mail business for 30 years as topics such as efficiency in the workplace, customer acquisition strategy, pricing for services and more important topics are discussed in this invaluable session.

Download the World of AccuZIP APP (coming soon) or reference the Full Conference Schedule for complete session details, times and locations. 

"Learn how to increase efficiency and profit in direct mail" - Ron Labrozzi

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