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Palletization Module

Palletize Your Mail to Receive Extra Postal Discounts

Palletizing is an indispensable feature for high-volume mailings. Add this powerful presorting capability to your existing AccuZIP6 5.0 product and begin taking advantage of the many postal discounts and maximize delivery speed that is only possible when you palletize your mail.

Our pallet options include Packages on Pallets and Containers on Pallets, e.g., Sacks and Trays. No matter how your mail-pieces are gathered for pallet-based shipments, AccuZIP6 5.0 with Palletization can presort for Standard Mail® Periodicals and Package Services - Bound Printed Matter Flats and Parcels with ease, thus increasing your mailing efficiency and saving your big bucks and valuable time.

It doesn't matter if you need only one Palletization option or the complete suite, you will always know that your mailings are arranged in an order that maximizes delivery speed, labor, and with the automatic "pallet-leveling" intelligence built-in, mre pallets to the same destination will be prepared, making transportation a breeze.

When you prepare your mail on pallets, mail-pieces receive less handling, for improved condition when they reach their final destination, resulting in a much higher return on investment.



  • Container and Package-based functionality
  • Integrated Drop Ship capability and prints individual PS 8125 Forms.
  • Supports Standard Mail, Periodicals and Package Services (Bound Printed Matter Flats and Parcels)
  • Prints Pallet Placards with the Intelligent Mail Barcode
  • Full Technical Support and software updates and upgrades for one full year, or until the prorated expiration period.

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