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MAC Batch™ Manifest Module

Prepare mailings that include pieces of
non-identical weight in AccuZIP6

With this add on module, a mailer can simply submit the manifest, a postage statement, and the mail to the designated drop off point at their local Post Office. The manifest is randomly checked for accuracy, and if all is in order, the total postage amount shown on the manifest is deducted from an advance deposit account held by the mailer and the mail is dispatched.

Use the manifest mail add-on module for First-Class Mail®, USPS Marketing Mail®, Bound Printed Matter, and Periodicals classes of mail.


Benefits of Manifesting

  • The convenience of paying by permit imprint. There is no need to affix stamps or meter strips.
  • May mail non-identical weight pieces of the same class together.


MAC Batch Certification Process

MAC Batch is a certification process designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to evaluate USPS® manifest/presort mailing products manufactured by software developers. MAC Batch determines whether the manifest/presort mailing software accurately calculates postage for non-identical piece mailings submitted under the permit imprint payment method in accordance with standards published in the DMM® reference manual and Publication 401, Guide to the Manifest Mailing System.

[3-23-18] AccuZIP, Inc. Achieves USPS MAC™ Batch Certification for AccuManifest Product for Preparing Mixed Weight Letter and Flat Size Mail Pieces


Create the following documentation with the MAC Batch Manifest Module for AccuZIP6

  • Mailing Statement
  • CASS Report
  • Qualification Report
  • USPS Manifest Listing (manifest itemized report)
  • USPS Manifest Summary Report

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