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Geocoder Module

Latitude and Longitude Coordinates at the ZIP+4 Level

Address Geocoding Module adds latitude/longitude coordinates and more!

The AccuGeocoder Module for AccuZIP6 adds precise latitude and longitude, along with Census Tract and Block Group information to each deliverable address in your database, and allows you to perform distance calculations based on a ZIP + 4®.

Add Latitude/Longitude coordinates to your address lists at the ZIP + 4 level

The AccuGeocoder integrated add-on module for AccuZIP6 appends valuable data to each DPV® confirmed address in your lists during the CASS™ Certification process.

  • Add latitude and longitude coordinates carried out to the 6th decimal.
  • Add Census Tract numbers and Census Block group numbers to get a more informative view on your marketing target, enabling you to find more customers that want to use your product or service.
  • Add County Name and County FIPS code to the ZIP + 4 level.
  • Add street-segment points, and with a record selected, press CTRL+i to see its point on a map.

AccuGeocoder provides accurate Latitude and Longitude Coordinates

AccuZIP Inc. is now licensing the Maponics ZIP + 4 Database Premium Plus Centroids data ( to offer premium centroids in AccuZIP6’s newly released AccuGeocoder product. With national coverage and over 56 million ZIP + 4 records, (16-million more ZIP + 4 records than are displayed in the raw USPS® file), our new AccuGeocoder product can provide a precise centroid for each address range, including valuable census data with tract and block group codes. Each ZIP + 4 code can represent one side of the street, a floor in a building, or a specific Post Office Box™. Maponics carefully matched each ZIP + 4 address range with their up-to-date street network and then spatially assigned it a latitude and longitude center point (also known as a ZIP + 4 centroid).

The AccuGeocoder adds a street-segment level ZIP + 4 centroid location. Street segment points are useful when you need to place a point on a map. The street segment points are generally anywhere from 50 to 200 yards from the actual location. The new AccuGeocoder adds free Google Maps™, Microsoft® Bing™ Maps, and Yahoo!® Local Maps links to our user interface, which enables you to visually identify the centroid point against real map layouts by pressing Ctrl+i.

Centroid data can be added to each record one at a time or in batch mode at lightning-fast speeds of up to 2,000 records per second and is seamlessly integrated into AccuZIP6 5.0. The centroid data can be added during the CASS™ process or separately by processing an existing address list that already contains ZIP + 4 codes.

Use the Calculate Distance Feature for Target Marketing

The Distance Calculator feature in the Accugeocoder product can calculate the distance between two centroids with 10 feet precision, (e.g., 0.001893939300000 miles).   The benefits are enormous, allowing you to perform radius selects using our integrated Search Editor for extremely targeted mailings:

Using the Calculate Distance feature allows you to perform a variety of searches using the powerful Search Editor in AccuZIP6:

  • Calculate the distance from a specific ZIP + 4, then perform a search for all of the records within 50 miles of that ZIP Code.
  • Perform "Donut" searches, e.g., between 5 miles and 10 miles from a specific ZIP + 4.

AccuGeocoder is updated quarterly and requires a current AccuZIP6 5.0 license.

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AccuGeocoder™ with Maponics ZIP+4 Database Premium Plus Centroids

The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: CASS, DPV, and ZIP+4. All information and offers are subject to change and can be discontinued at any time, without notice.

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