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Feature AccuZIP6® Business Bulk Mailer® SMB BCC Mail Manager®
Mail.dat™ File Creation for eDoc and Full-Service Mailings $0 $750 $1,350
Product Initial Cost (1st Year) REALLY LOW! CALL US! $2,620 $3,500
Price Lock Guarantee1    
Mailings Per Month Unlimited Less than 30 Unlimited
Amount Mailed Per Month Unlimited Less than 200,000 Unlimited
Average Mailing Size More than 10,000 Less than 10,000 More than 10,000
Number of User Defined Fields Over 200 22 or less Over 200
Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI)   $525  
Unlimited real-time access to our Licensed NCOALink® move update service2 $1,045 $1,245
Technical Support Unlimited Limited Limited
Individual and Group Training    
GOLD PAVE™ Certified postal presorting
First-Class Mail®, USPS Marketing Mail® (Standard Mail®), and Periodicals
Advanced Presort - Every Door Direct Mail® list creation and presorting    
Advanced Presort - Intelligent Mail® barcode (Full and Basic)  
Advanced Presort - Bound Printed Matter, Flats, Irregular Parcels, Machinable Parcels $1,260
Advanced Presort - Periodical Firm Packaging $1,500
ZIP + 4®, CRRT, eLOT®, Last Line, Suite Data, Barcodes
Merge/Purge across multiple lists $1,260 $1,500
Scripting   $2,500
Script Monitor for unattended operation  

1 Price Lock Guarantee: As long as you remain a customer in good standing, we guarantee your renewal cost will never increase!
2 AccuZIP Inc. receives weekly NCOALink updates.


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Trish Witkowski (
Make the Switch to AccuZIP6

I Just wanted to let you know we are in the Postal Fort Worth Texas Division and I received a call from someone in their office today wanting to ask me some questions. He asked if I understood about the changes with the move update starting for this month, then he asked me what software we were using. I explained to him that we have been using AccuZIP Software for the last 20 years and I thought you were the #1 in the United States. I told him that you were the only software displayed in the Postal Section of the Smithsonian Institute. He asked me if I had to manually change the updated addresses and I told him no that the Software did it for us and I could print a report showing the old address and the new address. He told me out of 32,000 names that were updated only 3 were wrong and he just wanted to call me to see what Software we were using. Thanks for such good software and support from your company over the past 20 years.
C.K., Wichita Falls, TX