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AccuZIP6 vs. Competition

Compare AccuZIP6 to the Competition

Feature AccuZIP6® Business Bulk Mailer® 5 Professional BCC Mail Manager®
Mail.dat™ File Creation for eDoc and Full-Service Mailings $0 $750 $1350
Product Initial Cost (1st Year) REALLY, REALLY LOW! CALL US! $2,495 $3,500
Price Lock Guarantee1    
Unlimited real-time access to our Licensed NCOALink® service2 $995 $1,245
Technical Support Unlimited Limited Limited
Individual and Group Training    
GOLD PAVE™ Certified postal presorting
First-Class Mail®, USPS Marketing Mail® (Standard Mail®), and Periodicals
Advanced Presort - Every Door Direct Mail® list creation and presorting    
Advanced Presort - Intelligent Mail® barcode (Full and Basic)  
Advanced Presort - Bound Printed Matter, Flats, Irregular Parcels, Machinable Parcels  
Advanced Presort - Periodical Firm Packaging $500 $1,500
ZIP + 4®, CRRT, eLOT®, Last Line, Suite Data, Barcodes
Merge/Purge across multiple lists $2,000 $1,500
Scripting $2,500
Script Monitor for unattended operation  

1 Price Lock Guarantee: As long as you remain a customer in good standing, we guarantee your renewal cost will never increase!
2 AccuZIP Inc. receives weekly NCOALink updates.


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