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AccuZIP6 vs. IMsb Tool

AccuZIP6 Address Cleansing and Presorting Direct Mail Software vs. IMsb Tool


- AccuZIP6 will accept any file for Data Hygiene or Mail Presort Processing and processes for any active permit and Mail Anywhere.
With the IMsb tool, you need an active permit and USPS Gateway Account to sign into the USPS Small Business Tool for mail presort processing.

- AccuZIP6 supports lists with up to 254 fields (important for personalization and mail merging) in a mailing list.
IMsb Tool will only accept 10 fields.

- AccuZIP6 can process approximately 2,000,000 records per file.
IMsb can only process up to 9,999 records per file.

- AccuZIP6 will accept and parse the city, state and ZIP Code on import.
IMsb tool will not parse a City, State and ZIP Code field combined.

- AccuZIP6 will accept and parse a full name field on Import (optional).    
IMsb tool will not parse a Full Name field.

- AccuZIP6 auto detects up to 272 file formats when importing.
IMsb Tool imports 3 file formats.

- AccuZIP6 will parse a field containing full name, address, city, state, and ZIP Code.
IMsb Tool requires these fields be separated prior to importing.

Address Cleansing

- Both are Cass Certified for Address Accuracy.
- AccuZIP6 includes Unlimited NCOALink processing
IMsb charges for NCOALink processing: $.03 per piece for First Class and $.06 per piece for Marketing Mail.
- AccuZIP6 has Unlimited Duplicate Check setup options.
IMSB has 4 Duplicate Check options.


- AccuZIP6: Presorting available for First Class®, Marketing Mail® (Profit and Non Profit), EDDM®, Periodicals® and Bound Printed Matter.
IMSB: Presorting available for First Class, Marketing Mail (Profit and Non Profit).

- AccuZIP6: First Class Post Cards, Letters, Flats and Parcels.
IMSB: First Class Post Cards, Letters, and Flats.

- AccuZIP6 offers DDU, BMEU, SCF and NDC entry setup.
IMSB offers BMEU, SCF entry setup.

- AccuZIP6 Includes both Automated and Non Automated Addresses in Presorting output and Maildat Full Service Processing.
IMsb Only Includes Automated Addresses in Presorting output and Full Service Processing.

- AccuZIP6: Choice of container type and ability to adjust container fill.
IMsb: Chooses container type and amount in containers.


- AccuZIP6: Ability to setup any size or sheet your printer driver will accept. (can do multiple pieces up on a sheet in stack order).
IMsb: Only outputs to 3 label sizes: 1 inch, 1.33 or 2 inch label.

- AccuZIP6 includes 26 file export formats.
IMsb tool incluedes 3 file export formats.

Job Maintenance

- AccuZIP6: Jobs can be left on screen for any amount of time.
IMsb: Your screen times out if left for a period of time before job is completed.

- AccuZIP6: Presort Folders, Mailing Statement Setups and presets are saved indefinitely.
IMsb: Job Summaries can only be saved for 180 days and only 200 Jobs.


- AccuZIP6 offers free, unlimited training and technical support. Support options include Live Chat, Email, and Telephone.
IMsb tool requires contacting the District BMEU for support.

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D.H., Forest Grove, OR