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Data Quality Learning Center

Implementing an address verification contact center solution does not have to be a complicated process.  However, with so many vendors and options to choose from, it can get confusing.  Listed below are some common questions and answers that will help you get started.  However, feel free to contact us at 800-233-0555 so we can answer any questions you may have.

ARTICLE: Principles of Postal Address Quality

What are some of the common problems associated with inaccurate or outdated contact data?

  • Costs associated with returned mail or shipments
  • Increase in customer service calls and complaints
  • Inability to collect bills in a timely manner affecting cash flow
  • Lack of effective communication with customer base
  • Decrease in repeat business
  • Data integrity issues resulting in fines associated with industry regulations and compliance

What industries, organizations or applications could benefit from an address contact data quality solution?

  • Nonprofit Organizations - 95% of income relies on direct mail campaigns, and the donations received from these.
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities – Ensure address contact data is being entered correctly at patient registration to improve the patient experience, insurance verification, billing and collections and stay compliant with industry regulations.
  • Collection Agencies – Improve collection rates, increase revenue and stay compliant with industry regulations by maintaining accurate address contact data.
  • Retail – Ensure target marketing and loyalty programs are successful.
  • Ecommerce – Reduce costs associated with returned shipments, improve customer service and customer loyalty.
  • Membership Organizations – Improve communication, reduce returned mail and ensure dues and fees are collected in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Colleges and Universities – Accurate address contact data has a direct impact on the ability for Alumni departments to increase fundraising and donations and Admissions departments to attract more students.
  • Community Colleges - Increase the adult learning participation rate by effectively communicating classes, workshops, certifications and degree programs to lifelong learners. 
  • Insurance – Stay compliant with industry regulations, ensure data integrity, improve customer service and maintain a high policy renewal rate.
  • Mortgage Servicers – Stay compliant with industry regulations, increase revenue through refinance target marketing and maintain a high mortgage payment collection rate.
  • Banks and Credit Unions – Attract more customers and improve customer service through address correction at point of entry in branches, contact center or websites.
  • Local and State Governments - Stay in compliance with various regulations, reduced costs associated with returns and provide better overall service to constituents.
  • Utilities – Reduce returned mail and improve utility bill collection rates.

How do I know if my organization has a contact data quality problem?

It’s not always easy.  However, one common method to determine if your organization has a problem is to identify the number of returned mail or shipments.  If the percentage is high, more than likely your organization has a contact data quality problem along with associated costs. 

I have identified that my organization has a contact data quality problem.  What should I do?

Correcting a contact data quality problem does not have to be a complicated process.  However, before implementing a solution, there are a few key questions your team will want to answer:

  • How does your organization collect contact data? 
  • Where is the address contact data stored?
  • Where does the contact data quality problem originate?
  • Has your organization been able to quantify the impact of this contact data quality problem?
  • Is your organization more interested in an on-premise contact data quality solution or a hosted cloud service?
  • Do you prefer an automated, semi-automated or manual solution? 
  • Does your organization have a staff that could implement a contact data quality solution or would you be looking for assistance?
  • Do you want to implement a contact data quality solution that will solve the problem of a specific department or would you prefer a system that can be accessed enterprise-wide?
  • Does your organization have a timeline and estimated budget for implementing a contact data quality solution?

Answering the questions above will help your team and organization focus on where the contact data problem lies and how to correct it.

We are ready to correct our address contact data quality problem.  Why should we choose AccuZIP?  

Over the past ten years, a number of vendors in the address contact data space have either been acquired by larger companies (service has deteriorated and prices have increased) or have decided to leave the industry altogether.  Below are a few reasons why companies continue to choose AccuZIP for their contact data quality needs:

  • Unlimited USPS address correction options
  • Unlimited USPS NCOA move processing options
  • SOC 2 Compliance
  • Easy to implement data quality products and services
  • On-premise or cloud based processing
  • Committed to excellent service and support
  • Straight forward and competitive licensing and pricing plans
  • Private, stable company in business since 1992

This data quality learning center was very helpful, but we need someone to walk us through the process.  Can AccuZIP provide us with some guidance?

Yes we can.  Contact us at 800-233-0555 for a quick assessment to see if our contact data quality technologies can benefit your organization.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Not only for the WHAT of Accuzip but also, significantly, for the WAY you do what you do! You folks have made a world of difference for me and I sincerely appreciate it! Just couldn't wait to let you know how thrilled I really am.
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