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Data Enhancement Services

DSF2® + Deceased Suppression + Apartment Append + Additional Change of Address

Add Walk Sequence (DSF2) Data, Residential Delivery Indicator, Append Apartment Information to addresses with incorrect or missing data, perform Deceased Suppression, and add additional change-of-address data beyond NCOALink®. Using these Data Enhancement Services save on postage by reducing undeliverable as addressed mail and creating the possibility of achieving lower postage rates.

  • DSF2 walk sequence data for high density and saturation rates

    DSF2 Walk Sequence

    Reduce postage rates significantly

  • Deceased Suppression

    Deceased SuppresSion

    Identify those in your mailing list who have died

  • 60 Month Change of Address Service

    ACOA Change of Address

    Extend change of address service beyond NCOALink

  • Apartment Append

    Apartment Append

    Correct addresses with missing or incorrect apartment info

enhance your data

AccuZIP Data Enhancement Services

If you are currently paying another service for DSF2 processing, or if you want to perform deceased suppression, add Residential Delivery Indicator to your list, append apartment numbers to addresses that are missing them, and find more change of address records by those who change their address through subscriptions, bills, etc., then you need AccuZIP6’s Data Enhancement Services feature. This feature is already built into the AccuZIP6 desktop postal software and can be downloaded in a stand-alone program as well.

one flat fee for all services

Pick one or all four services and pay one flat fee!

The price for these services starts at $1.00 per 1,000 records. When you purchase more than 250,000 records, the price per 1,000 decreases.

Quantity Price/1000 Discount
1-250,000 $1.00 -
250,001-2,000,000 $0.85 15%
2,000,001 $0.65 35%

You can purchase credits that you can use over the course of time, which would allow you to save money on the price for this service.



Delivery Sequence File Second Generation List Processing

DSF2 processing is one of the approved methods outlined in the Domestic Mail Manual for sequencing mail pieces in walk-sequence. This could allow you to qualify for the lowest postage rates possible: High Density and Saturation rates. The DSF2 database is updated monthly.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Identify Vacant addresses
  • Identify Business or Residential locations
  • Identify Seasonally occupied addresses
  • Identify Educational institution addresses
  • Identifies a delivery point as a curb-side mailbox or as a door-slot delivery, which allows for more targeted mailings.
  • More Benefits

Deceased Suppression

Deceased suppression will save you money and reduce complaints and embarrassing phone calls.

Marketing Service Providers, Print Shops and Mailers should take every measure to minimize insensitive situations caused by sending mail to deceased individuals. The comprehensive AccuZIP Deceased List Processing service will reduce the number of deceased records in your mail files. Deceased data is updated monthly, and includes two years of data.

Even though you may know your customers very well, it is common not to know when a customer passes away. We have been asked by many customers to begin offering this valuable service. AccuZIP continues to meet the needs of our customers and is excited to offer these new data enhancement services.

Apartment Append

Apartment Append will correct records on your file that have been identified by the DPV® process as having either incorrect or missing apartment numbers. After the candidate records are identified, the Apartment Append process updates the missing or incorrect information.

The database includes only DPV-verified addresses and the name and address matching logic is tight.

1.2 billion mail-pieces lack complete address information. Use Apartment Append to reduce Undeliverable as Addressed mail.

AccuZIP Change-of-Address Service

Find change-of-address (COA) information well beyond the USPS® NCOALink® file with AccuZIP Change-of-Address enhanced service. When combined with NCOALink, the use of our ACOA service can provide 20-40% more matches than running NCOALink alone.

Our enhanced COA service utilizes compiled databases from retail, the nation’s leading publishing companies, telecom, utility companies, credit card companies and other private sources and contains approximately 30 million records and goes back 60 months (5 years).

When people move, not everyone registers their change-of-address with the United States Postal Service®. Without this registration the move is not recorded in the NCOALink database, and therefore no forwarding address can be provided.

Real-Time Data Enhancement Service Processing

As with NCOALink and our other Cloud services, we process your files in real-time, as we receive them. So within minutes, you have your results and can move to the next step in your workflow. Unlike other companies, we do not charge an additional fee for our real-time (vs. the next day) processing, and there is no minimum purchase required.

You don’t need to purchase credits in order to use this service. If you want to try this service out on a list, you can enter a credit card number when you’re ready to buy, and then you’re paying only for that list.

Purchase a bundle by pulling down Special > Data Enhancement Services > Buy Credits

Watch how easy it is to import your list and add any of these services!

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