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CASS and NCOA Address Validation for one flat fee

AccMUVXtreme is an AccuZIP6 desktop software that performs CASS Certified™ address verification and NCOALink™ National Change-of-Address processing. This product contains no presort features. Therefore, it's the ideal product for businesses that need only improve data quality in their address lists with CASS and NCOA address validation.

Clean your contact data by learning:

  • Which records are deliverable and undeliverable
  • Which addresses are vacant or don't accept mail delivery
  • Which addresses are missing apartment or suite info, or have incorrect secondary information
  • Which people have moved out of the local area, and what their new addresses are
  • Which people have moved and left no forwarding address

Key features include:

  • Access to the AccuZIP licensed NCOALink service directly from your Windows PC
  • Process records 24/7/365
  • No separate USPS® fees
  • Fast, secure processing for CASS™, DPV®, LACSLink®, CRRT Coding, ZIP + 4® Coding and Address Standardization
  • Fast, secure processing for NCOALink and ANKLink®
  • NCOALink data is updated weekly with nothing to install
  • PoCAD Canadian address verification

About the process:

A random and unique 32-bit password is also used to provide rock-solid security to the file.  No user-identifiers are provided with the file so hackers could never identify the file as coming from a particular source.

No private information is included in the file, other than the name/firm and standardized address for creating hash-values for NCOALink lookup purposes only.  All information is processed in memory and deleted from memory when the file is completed processing.  Only COA result data, not the original data is transmitted back in an encrypted and compressed format so there is no "link" between the original data and the new data during upload/download.

A "key" file that resides on the customers computer is the only way the original data can be updated with the new COA data, thus rendering the individual files useless.  

Before the information leaves your location, the file is encrypted using 128 bit encryption and compressed 10:1 using WinZip compression algorithm.  All of the encrypted data is secured with two unique passwords, randomly generated using 32-bit password creation algorithm.   Each file name is unique, randomly generated and anonymous.  
All files must be uploaded in its entirety as our decryption software does a bit-by bit analysis of each file during decryption to ensure that the entire file has been uploaded properly.  After the data is completely uploaded, the file is decrypted and processed through our licensed NCOALink service. There is never any human interaction and the files are always processed automatically and anonymously.

When the NCOALink process is completed, the national-change-of-address (NCOA) result records are encrypted and password protected using the same technology as above, then uploaded back to your computer where they are decrypted and the data is updated automatically with no user interaction.  A typical file of 100,000 records through our NCOA18 would take approximately 1-minute to process, if you add the NCOA48 to that it would add approximately another 1-2 minutes to the total time.
It took us nearly one year to get our Electronic and Physical Security approved by the USPS.  Our security concern is the same as yours.  We take great pride in the level of integrity, security and anonymity of our Licensed NCOALink system.

Replace your existing NCOALink pay-per-record vendor with AccuMUVXtreme, and pay one flat annual fee.


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