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Louis DeJoy speaks at the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors conference in Washington, DC.

March 5, 2024

The Postal Service is making significant progress under the Delivering for America plan, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told business leaders recently. Before the organization began implementing the plan in 2021, USPS had lost focus, the result of a broken business model and an ineffective management strategy, he said.

Under Delivering for America, the organization is focused again and working to achieve financial stability while delivering excellent service. “We’re all rowing in the same direction now,” DeJoy said.
He spoke at a conference in Washington, DC, organized by the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, one of the nation’s top trade associations. DeJoy was a keynote speaker at the event, which was centered around the theme “agents of change.”

The postmaster general discussed how he has leveraged his private-sector background to reshape and strengthen the Postal Service and improve its operating practices.
He highlighted investments in new technologies to improve the delivery of mail and packages, including new sorting machines and modern delivery vehicles, as well as network and transportation improvements to boost precision and efficiency.

DeJoy also discussed efforts to stabilize the USPS workforce, noting that during the recent holiday season, the organization only had to hire about 8,000 seasonal employees — a far cry from past years, when as many as 40,000 temporary workers were hired.

He said the Postal Service wants to build on its reputation as the nation’s most trusted government agency — but the work doesn’t end there. “We want to be not just the most trusted organization, but the most used and preferred organization,” he said.

Source: USPS News Link – Washington, DC
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