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Service Type ID Table Updated

January 19, 2024

Effective January 21, 2024, modifications will be made to the Service Type ID (STID) Table by eliminating the STIDs that permit undeliverable as addressed ballots to be destroyed. As a result, five Ballot Mail Change Service Requested STIDs will be retired and removed from the Ballot Mail STID Table. These STIDs include:

  • First-Class Mail® STIDs 719 and 724
  • USPS Marketing Mail® STIDs 739, 745, and 740. 

The Postal Service will implement a 1-year transition period that aligns with the price change effective date.  During this transition, the STIDs will be removed from publication in the Ballot Mail STID Table.  If mailers still use them, they will be charged for Change Service Requested Option 1 and receive Address Correction notices.  After the 1-year transition period ends, these STIDs will be completely removed from postal processing systems and recognized as invalid.  Once these STIDs are removed, undeliverable ballots will no longer be destroyed by USPS.

The Postal Service has also incorporated a Special Notes section in the STID Table document to notify the mailing industry that the master STID Table does not include certain STIDs. These STIDs provide support for special services that require registration with the Address Change Service (ACS) application or registration for participation in specific promotions.

The current Service Type ID Table can be found at:

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Source: USPS Industry Alerts
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