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Discontinuance of Hardcopy Postage Statements

January 12, 2024

A Federal Register Notice (FRN) with the final ruling on the discontinuance of hardcopy postage statements was published April 25, 2023, effective January 28, 2024.  Federal Register - Hardcopy Postage Statements Discontinued.

The Postal Service is discontinuing the use of hardcopy postage statements to improve efficiency by expediting the acceptance of commercial mail.  Except for Electronic Verification System (eVS®) mailings, all domestic commercial mailings must use an approved electronic method to transmit a postage statement to the PostalOne!® system. 

  • Electronic documentation by eDoc submission can decrease the number of undocumented errors.

Mailers that are currently working with an approved software vendor should contact their software provider for electronic submission solutions. Electronic submission may already be an option.

Submit Documentation Electronically in 3 Easy Steps

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