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Priority Mail Express™ Holiday Refund Eligibility - December 22-25, 2023

December 20, 2023

During the holidays, increased volume and weather conditions may affect the ability to transport all Priority Mail Express™ one-day shipments. Similar to USPS competitors, the Postal Service has an adjusted postage refund policy for Priority Mail Express™ sent from December 22 through 25. While the Postal Service expects Priority Mail Express™ to remain one day where available, postage will not be refunded unless the first delivery attempt or delivery occurs more than two delivery days after the Acceptance scan event.

If a customer is due a PME postage refund based on the policy above, a copy of the Priority Mail Express™ label or receipt is required.

The USPS encourages its customers to send items earlier to ensure Priority Mail Express items arrive by their intended date.                                                                                     

Any questions can be sent to USPS Shipping Services.

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