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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities at AccuZIP, Inc.

AccuZIP is frequently looking for capable candidates to fill specific software, customer care and administrative positions should they become available.  Please send all job inquiries to

AccuZIP Inc
3216 El Camino Real
Atascadero, CA 93422

Fax: (877) 839-6531
Phone: (800) 233-0555

Job Description Customer Care Specialist
Responsible to Application Support Manager, Technical Support Director and the President
Department Support Team
Main Purpose Provide technical support to customers by researching and answering questions; troubleshooting problems via telephone, live chat and e-mail. Previous background or experience in Technical Support is desired. Educational or Technical writing experience a plus.
Duties Include
  • Provide Tier 1 support to customers by identifying problems, researching answers, and guiding customers through corrective steps.
  • Support includes, but it not limited to: AccuZIP installation, using AccuZIP features and software functions, database functions, and Postal /DMM compliance.
  • Provide training to customers who are new to the industry, as well as new to the AccuZIP products and services.
  • Access software updates, drivers, knowledge bases, and frequently asked questions.
  • Use resources on the Internet to aid in problem resolution. Test fixes to ensure problem has been adequately resolved. Accommodate client disabilities by recommending devices and techniques.
  • Improve support and customer experiences by identifying problems and recommending changes to other team members and supervisors.
  • Work toward providing Tier II level support to customers.
  • All other duties as assigned by a supervisor.
Role As a Customer Care Specialist you must be a good trouble-shooter and solve users' problems as quickly as possible. You must also be good at interpersonal communications, giving assurance with a pleasant demeanor to a potentially frustrated computer user.  Previous background or experience in Technical Support is desired. Educational or Technical writing experience a plus.
Salary and Benefits Salary will be determined by job performance and experience. Benefits are outlined in the company handbook.

I am especially motivated to take time to draw attention to Vince. In two instances, we potentially faced loss of product – significant loss, but thanks to everyone’s efforts, most notably Vince’s, we ended up with minor re-work and zero loss of stock. He’s patient and thorough, knowledgeable and resourceful. And he’s patient – A Big Plus when dealing with me. Long story short, the guy was able to not only produce a solution, but to prove to me the veracity of it. I hung up the phone saving thousands of dollars in catalog stock, not lost but salvaged, and my department had to spend just a wee bit of time on job re-work (which I was happy to do, all things considered). But I also hung up with a peculiar urge to write about Vince, incongruent as that may be since I rarely am moved to write letters of this sort. So… In a time of crisis, Vince was a terrific asset and ally. If I were his boss, I’d attempt a merit raise authorization, he was that exceptional.
H.D., Shawnee Mission, KS