AccuZIP6 Testimonials

bubbles'Since there is no "How Did I Do" button, I felt inspired to write in about my most recent experience with the help desk: I had a session with Vince this evening, and must say it was one of the best I've had with AccuZIP support. Your help desk has always been great, but Vince did a great job at making my huge problem really small. One quick fix later and I am back in business. Thank you for all of the help you give me when I call or chat. Keep up the great work!'
-B. J. AlphaGraphics

bubbles'I just want to take a moment and let the folks at Accuzip know what great support I have received from Mathew Little. He has really helped get our IMB Barcode project off the ground! Learning Accuzip has been a pleasant process and the relief of knowing my project will be installed despite the tight deadline is wonderful! I wish there were more like you doing support at other companies when we need them.'
- M.V., Brentwood, TN

bubbles'You proved once again AccuZip has the best support, and not just of software company but the best support of any company we do business with.'
- D.S., Cadiz OH

bubblesI was looking for an easy to use all-in-one postal software solution and was working with Satori Software. They quoted me $10,000.00 which was out of the realm of our budget. I was also lead to believe that they were the only solution, until I found Accuzip. I was able to save my company over $9.000.00 with one phone call to your courteous and knowledgeable sales staff. Your product does everything that we need and much much more. Thank you Accuzip!
- J.S., Newark, OH

bubblesYour technical staff is very good! Everyone I have live chatted with has, for the most part, solved the issue on the first pass.
- T.R., Dothan, AL

bubblesThings are going well with AccuZIP. My mailings are running smoothly, and for the 3rd month in a row my mailer scorecard has been perfect.
- C.B., Montoursville PA

Customer/technical support has been extremely good. I call and somebody answers and that someone is very knowledgeable about the product. On more than one occasion Ive had technical support walk me through issues that I could not resolve. The support is without question a real plus. The simple answer is total confidence that AccuZIP can handle all my mailing needs.
- A.H., Memphis, TN

Minuteman Press

bubblesWe have been using the AccuZIP software for over seven years now. I believe that being an AccuZIP customer is one of the reasons for our success. Every time a question has arose, AccuZIP answered it completely and competently. When the post office did not have an answer for us AccuZIP did. If there was ever any conflicting info between the Post Office and AccuZIP, our AccuZIP customer service rep was always correct. We have experienced only excellent customer service. Let me make that clear not good customer service, excellent customer service.
- C.M., Show Low, AZ

bubblesI know that you are already aware of what a great staff you have but I wanted you to hear it from a very happy customer. Weve been using Accuzip for just over a year and are really pleased with the product. Every time I contact customer support with a question or problem they are quick to help and every problem has been solved in one session.
- R.M., Denver, CO

bubblesPrior to Accuzip we used SAP Postalsoft. We looked for its replacement and chose Accuzip based on testimonials of how great customer service was and on pricing which was very attractive. Best move weve ever made in software and you folks live up to all the good things I heard. I still get calls every 6 months from FirstLogic ( a distributer of the old Postalsoft and others) to see if Im still happy with Accuzip. I always say the same thing: Yes, very happy. Thanks for checking in.
- B.H., Newtown, PA

bubbles'The support you offer customers is second to none. Thanks for always being there!'
- E.G., Milledgeville, GA

bubbles'As usual AccuZIP6 Tech and Customer Service support is outstanding!'
- D.H., Forest Grove, OR

bubbles'I have been a loyal customer for 14 years and love your products. During my career as a mailing professional, I have experienced that the mailing industry is in a constant state of change: through technology, equipment, software, postal regulations and automation requirements. During this time, I have always been able to trust and depend on Accuzip software. It is evident Accuzip is always at the forefront of these changes. When our team is having difficulty with a mailing, we know that we can rely on Accuzip tech support to resolve any issue. We have always received excellent customer service. Accuzip software, support and expertise has helped me to develop a professional mailing operation at our University and I could not have done this without you. Your software makes my job successful and less stressful. Thank you!'
- D.H., Forest Grove, OR

AccuZIP's customer service is great. It keeps us from having down time and I'm always able to get a quick answer. don't have to worry about the size of the order I'm working with a client on. Most times, AccuZIP employees know more than the USPS employees. I've been able to navigate the lack of government employee training, which saves time, money and headaches.
- M.L., Lansing, WV


bubbles'Thank you for providing such a powerful product! I am so glad I renewed in at the 3-year level. I am amazed at what a difference the ANKlink makes on cleaning client databases.'
- C.S., Sequim, WA

bubbles'You guys have indeed been great partners in aiding us with getting our mailings processed through your software and out the door.  I want to say we’ve been with you guys for at least 12 years now, if not longer.  Find something good you stick with it is how I see it.'
- P.H., Colorado Springs, CO

bubbles'If everyone knew how good the product and tech support you get with Accuzip6, there wouldn't be any other products out there on the market.'
- D.L., Simi Valley, CA

bubblesI can't tell you how much I appreciate the awesome tech support you guys give. I am NEVER going back to postal soft... you guys have spoiled me.'
-M.D., Paradise, CA

bubbles'As a new customer of Accuzip, I just wanted to thank you for all of Accuzip’s help and patience with us in preparing this job so well. Our particular thanks to your technicians for multiple support calls and emails with our elementary questions while we learned on-the-job. Frankly, none of us had any experience with postal regulations or mail list technology, so we are especially grateful to have had them as a resource. Please tell them how much we appreciate their help!'
-K.M., Atlanta, GA

bubbles'...And I appreciate your help too, even when I ask a silly question.  You guys are great and your support is second to none.'
-D.J., Santa Rosa, CA

bubbles'We really like this software. It is good stuff. I can smile and say that - more than a year after we started using it!'
-T.M., Charlotte, NC

bubbles'Your team has been wonderful when my employee passed away 3 years ago. Your staff was kind enough to train me during hard times to continue my mailing business without any interruption.'
-J.H., Falls Church, VA

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bubbles'We have over 200 vendors we work with on a daily basis and (the AccuZIP6 techs) are the most knowledgable, helpful group of folks I have worked with, always willing to go out of the way to help. As owner and GM of a Print and Mail Shop I admire the dedication these folks have in making sure we are satisfied. I also appreciate the fact that a human answers the phone.'
-M.S., Mt. Vernon, IL

bubbles'Your software is one of the best I've used. I switched over from Postal Soft (and before that BCC) and Accuzip is easily a giant leap forward in terms of software interface, effeciency, automation, integration, and support. Your support system is one of the best I've seen. Please keep it up.'
-M.F., Bakersfield, CA

bubbles'As always, thanks for your product. We in the industry TRULY appreciate the fact that YOU get back to us. You have NO IDEA how important that is.'
-T.G., Berlin, MD

bubbles'You are the best Tech Support I have ever worked with in all my years of data processing!'
-D.H., Schaumburg, IL

bubbles'I just want to tell you how impressed our office is with your staff.'
-K.M., Decatur, IL

bubbles'We do a lot of direct mail and use AccuZIP6 often. I can't tell you how great it is to hear a pleasant voice on the other end of the phone helping you through some tough spots.'
-D.O., Montville, NJ

bubbles'I just wanted you to know what a pleasure it is to work with your support staff.'
-J.F., Worcester, MA

bubblesI wanted to drop you a line to tell you that working with Accuzip has been a breath of fresh air. I’ve been able to speak with a Live person each and every time I call. Your unlimited Tech Support, Personal Training and Price Lock Guarantee has given me the confidence that I made the right choice. Accuzip was able to solve my list issues and add value to my existing database at a more than reasonable price.
- J.S., Newark, Ohio

bubbles'AccuZIP has tremendously improved the postal service our clients receive...not to mention the tremendous postage savings available when a mail ing list is upgraded by AccuZIP.'
-J.F., Boston, MA

bubbles'I've been getting unsolicited comments from clients about your support. They are saying things like, 'Without doubt, the finest software support that I have ever received'. Keep up the good work!'
-Dealer, Silver Spring, MD

bubbles'The [telephone] Lines are open and real people get on the phone and help solve your problem. It's great!'
-H.F., Berlin, NJ

bubbles'Just wanted whoever receives this to know that AccuZIP6 has the best technical support people ever--in any industry. Without Exception they get my vote for #1.' -P.D., Silver Spring, MD

bubbles'You have the best tech. support in the business.'
-R.H., Napels, FL

bubbles'Tech Support always answers quickly and never makes me feel inadequate or stupid for asking the questions that I do...I am very pleased with the software and the way it works.'
-C.M., Merrillville, IN

bubbles'Accuzip6, the best keeps getting better - and great tech support too!'
-M.F., Austin, TX

bubbles'Thanks again for your help. You back up a great product with great service, and I don't have to wade through a gazillion pages on a web site to get that help!'
-W.C., Richmond, IN

bubbles'Your support have been one of the best I have ever worked with.'
- M.L., Philadelphia, PA

bubbles'I just had to tell you how I LOVE the new upgrade.   Man, you talk about making the search and replace task easier!   It's so easy!...Kudos to you guys for making a great product even better.   I'm definitely sold!'
-P.C., Auburn, AL

bubbles'The product is great.   We save hundreds of dollars every day with it here.'
- D.G., Beach Grove, IN

bubbles'First the kudos. Accuzip, already the best, is even better with the new CASS speed. I don't know how you did it but it is fast, fast, fast!'
- C.P., Houston, TX

bubbles'You guys have the absolute BEST tech support that I have ever seen.' -R.J., St. Joseph, MO

bubbles'Thank you for continuing to produce a wonderful tool for the mail ing industry.   We continually enjoy the capabilities of your product. Once again, thank you for producing such an excellent product.'
-D.H., San Diego, CA

bubbles'Like always your guys come through, Thanks again!'
-P.F., Bedford, TX

bubbles'So far, in 4 years with Accuzip, I've never been left without help. Your Tech Support is great'
- D.K., Canoga Park, CA

bubbles'Just had to write and tell you I got the update and I tell you, your product just gets gooder and gooder!   I love it! Keep up the wonderful work!'
- P.C., Auburn, AL

bubbles'We spoke with several different companies and even had samples sent to us. We chose AccuZIP6 and I have never been happier about spending over $1000 on software in my life.'
-C.W., Los Angeles, CA

bubbles'The [Merge Fields feature]...saved me hours of having to do a bunch of manual address corrections in an updated database, that I already had done months ago on my original database. What a relief. Certainly Rolaids can't top this.'
-V.J., Los Angeles, CA

bubbles'I'm impressed. I've been a [telecommunication] engineer for many years, and never had the response from a company you have given...I will tell all.'
-J.Y., Daytona Beach, FL

bubbles'AccuZIP6 is the best product on the market. The tech support is great. Whenever I have a question, I get the straight answer. I always get through to tech support with no wait time. The program does it all. Not like so many other products that you have to buy add on products to.'
-P.F., Bedford, TX

bubbles'Many thanks for your support on this holiday.   As always, Accuzip Tech Support comes through when I need you.'
-P.D., Silver Spring, MD

bubbles'Thanks very much for your help. As always, you guys have the best tech support I have ever run into.'
-S.S., Allegheny, PA

bubbles'THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Not only for the WHAT of Accuzip but also, significantly, for the WAY you do what you do! You folks have made a world of difference for me and I sincerely appreciate it! Just couldn't wait to let you know how thrilled I really am.'
-J.P., Santa Monica, CA

bubbles'I have never received the kind of support that is as quick, reliable and dependable as your company has provided...everything you have said you would do you have--and then some. My hat off to you and your company.'
-B.J., Orlando, FL

bubbles'I am the CIO of a $30 million company. I deal with numerous software vendors...I rate every vendor I work with...Factors in my rating include and are not limited to service, timely support, courtesy and competitive pricing. Accuzip is at the top of my chart on every factor..' -C.V., Rocklin, CA'Your technical support people have been wonderful. I want to thank you for all your help. Accuzip6 is really a first rate organization.'
-K.H., Winchester, VA

bubbles'I can't believe how excellent your support is. The last disaster you rescued me from was one that a programmer had told me had no answer that he knew of. Well, you know more than him! I e mail ed you on a SATURDAY and you had the problem solved by Monday morning!'
-C.P., Houston, TX

bubbles'Thanks for your reply [to my e- mail ]! Once again I'm impressed with how quickly you all respond to your customers.'
-T.B., Oklahoma City, OK

bubbles'Over the last few years Accuzip has given the best possible tech support. You have never let me down. '
-L.L., Manhattan, KS

bubbles'AccuZIP6 has the best support I know of, and I refer you guys every chance I get.'
-J.P., Houma, LA

bubbles'Investing in your software and my interaction with your staff has been one of my best business experiences. I wish more companies took your example.'
-A.G., Manhattan, NY

bubbles'You guys have the absolute BEST tech support that I have ever seen.'
-R.J., Saint Joseph, MO

bubbles'As I use AccuZIP6 v4.0, I appreciate the many improvements and enhancements that you have made. It's the best mail ing program out there no matter what the cost! Every mail house should at least take a look at it, and they'll be convinced that it's the best.'
-D.W., Portland, OR

bubbles'I want to say again how much I have appreciated your wonderful support over the years. I think of you more as a friend than a vendor. There can be no question that you have the best support I've ever experienced.'
-C.P., Houston, TX

bubbles'The flexibility of this program and the absolute immediate access to highly qualified tech support is why we keep using your software over all of the other mail ing programs.   You have a great product and a great organization.'
-S.M., Phoenix, AZ

bubbles'Once again I have to say that your service and support is second to none. Investing in your software and my interaction with your staff has been one of my best business experiences.'
-A.G., Manhattan, NY

bubbles'We're on our 8th year of using AccuZIP6, and love it!'
-R.H., Dayton, OH

bubbles'The technical support you guys have given me over the past couple of weeks alone is EXACTLY why we demanded to stay with AccuZIP.'
-T.C., Athens, GA

bubbles'Congratulations on your product and the quality of your people.'
-K.T., Tempe, AZ

bubbles'Thank you for your help this afternoon! Accuzip has the best support! We are subscribed to AccuZip because of you!'
-D.C., Portland, OR

bubbles'100% best company I have ever worked with. They are what I judge all other firms on for tech support. Does what we need every time' -J.H., Oswego, NY'

bubbles'We really appreciate the way you guided us from ground zero to production -ready. Your system is very comprehensive'
-W.H., Tempe, AZ

bubbles'I am very pleased with Accuzip and appreciate the functionality and timely technical support. I myself am a software consultant and have done development for many years and it is refreshing to deal with people that are responsive and knowledgeable.'
-T. D., Minneapolis, MN

bubbles'Since we purchased AccuZIP6 in 2002, we have been more than satisfied with the level of customer service that we've received from your technical support team.'
-K.C., Atlanta, GA

bubbles'AccuZIP6 software and support make my work look better than the average mailer.'
-J.I., Walla Walla, WA

bubbles'I am the CIO of a $30 million company. I deal with numerous software vendors...I rate every vendor I work with...Factors in my rating include and are not limited to service, timely support, courtesy and competitive pricing. Accuzip is at the top of my chart on every factor..'
-C.V., Rocklin, CA

bubbles'Your archiving feature, combined with your [NCOA Monitor] Auto-Update is a real bacon-saver!   Thank you AccuZIP!'
-A.C., Pueblo, CO

bubbles'The times I've called someone has always answered the phone. The e mail replies came quick and with clear instructions. Thank you once again.'
-L.L., Manhattan, KS

bubbles'As always all of you at AccuZip give the best service. Your tech support is always excellent. You always seem to hire the best staff.'
-C.B., San Dimas, CA

bubbles'Changed to Accuzip 6 months back because of tech support. The software does everything we need and has always been easy to use.'
-J.R., Salt Lake City, UT'

bubbles'Your tech support is the reason that we renewed our subscription with you. We had other software companies fighting for our business, but your company has always provided excellent tech support and consistently great customer service. This is what is most important to me.'
-S.S., Sal t Lake City, UT

bubbles'I owe you a super dinner for pointing me at AccuZIP -- it rocks my world'
-M.H., Virginia Beach, VA

bubbles'As usual, you prove to be the best Tech Support I've used just as your software is the best...Wouldn't use anything else...'
-B.B., Jacksonville, FL

bubbles'We have been in biz 10 years and Accuzip has been our software for over 8 of those years - tech support is the best of the best - always.'
-D.W., Clackamas, OR

bubbles'I have been through several companies along the way and have always insisted they switch to you product.   The product is exceptional, but that is only part of the reason, your support is unparalleled by any support I have received from any other software company I have dealt with, including non postal software.'
-D.K., Ballwin, MO

bubbles'You folks have the BEST support staff of any I have dealt with…EVER!! You are responsive, proactive, and provide a very good product at a fair price. Other companies would do well to model your customer service.'
-M.P., Champaign, IL

bubbles'I'm impressed. I've been a [telecommunication] engineer for many years, and never had the response from a company you have given...I will tell all.' -J.Y., Daytona Beach, FL'Each time we contact AccuZIP Inc, we receive support from the most knowledgeable, friendly, courteous team of support agents that we've ever spoken with.'
-K.C., Atlanta, GA

bubbles'We currently use Accuzip. Prior to Accuzip, we used BCC Mail Manager 2010 and before that Satori Bulk Mail Manager. Accuzip has excellent customer service and their product is valued properly. I am able to do everything in Accuzip that I used to do in BCC. I am not a programmer so therefore I am constantly getting Accuzip to create custom expressions or scripts. I was able to do this by myself in BCC. Even with the additional time spent on these expressions, it is well worth the savings I got.'
-R.R., Richmond, VA

bubbles'In this day it is hard to get good customer service and so when I do get GREAT customer service I like to commend the person who provided it to me. I have been using this new software now for 3 days and am delighted with it. I usually find it hard to adjust to changes with computer software, but this was an easy transition with [your] help.'
-S.W., La Grange, TX

bubbles'First let me say what a pleasure it is to do business with you. If I have a question, I know I will get an answer back in short order, and that my question will be answered as opposed to getting some run around which does not address my issues. I really appreciate that.'
- M.M., Columbus, OH

bubbles'I have to say AccuZIP customer service is amazing. It makes me feel like family. Also, it gives me insight into my own service!'
- A.W., Tucson, AZ

bubbles'Today I need to add the bulk rate inditia to my mail ing label and I needed to do it in a hurry. A technician got on the phone with me and less than 2 minutes later he said, I'll do it for you and e- mail it to you.'
-C.W., Los Angeles, CA

bubbles'I am consistently getting well over 5 million records / hour and sometimes getting around 8.5 million records / hour by the end of the validating records process.'
-J.C., Hickory, NC

bubbles'You and the entire AccuZIP team are always a joy to work with! In my 44 years in the graphic communications industry, rarely have I ever worked with consistently consummate professionals like I do with your team and your great products.'
-R.F.., Colorado Springs, CO

bubbles'Dealing with your firm has been painless. Thank you for the fabulous customer service. I wish the last place, a government reseller
that I bought MS Project Std 2010 was a quick and professional as your firm is.'
-J.K., Columbus OH

bubbles'Thanks so much for the help, you're level of customer service is fantastic. Always appreciated.' - K.B., Shakopee, MN

bubbles 'AccuZIP is a great company with an obvious commitment to their customers, even small accounts like us.' - R.M., Winston-Salem, NC

bubbles 'AccuZIP has been bending over backwards to accommodate me...my hat's off to them for being so responsive. AccuZIP remains one of my top vendors and often treats me as if I am their only customer. They're more like partners than vendors and I'm lucky to have them.' - J.P., Houma, LA

bubbles 'Thank you very much for your support. It is the best reason for anyone to choose AccuZIP.' R.W., Roanoake, VA

bubbles 'You guys are more knowledgeable and helpful than our own BMEU.  You spared us from the $190 dollar fee and the BMEU told us that the mailing will be going out today.  Thanks again.' - B.S., Jacksonville, FL

bubbles ' I really appreciate your wonderful and awesome customer patience. And that's only to say the least.' - E.K., Orlando, FL

bubbles ' You guys at Accuzip have great tech support! Always a good feeling to know youre there when we encounter a problem.' - J.M., Durham, NC

bubbles ' Love working with your team. you are innovative, creative experts who make our lives more manageable! You help us serve others in a more efficient manner!' - B.M., Orlando, FL

bubbles ' Thank you. I really believe AccuZIP offers a tremendous value. Customer service is outstanding. I couldn't run my business without!' - J.P.., Omaha, NE