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Direct Mail Automation for Enfocus Switch

Direct Mail Configurator for Enfocus Switch

Enhance Your Direct Mail Automation Workflow with AccuZIP DQ and Enfocus Switch

In the realm of direct mail marketing, efficiency and precision are paramount. That's where AccuZIP DQ and Enfocus Switch come together to revolutionize your workflow, offering a seamless and comprehensive solution that takes your mailing operations to the next level.

Address Correction and Change of Address

AccuZIP DQ ensures your mailing lists are accurate and up-to-date, minimizing undeliverable mail and maximizing reach. Seamlessly integrated with Enfocus Switch, address correction and change of address processes become automated and effortless, saving time and resources.

Support for Various Mail Types

Whether it's First-Class Mail, Marketing Mail, Periodicals, or Bound Printed Matter, AccuZIP DQ handles it all. With Enfocus Switch's versatile workflow automation capabilities, processing various mail types becomes a breeze, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the board.

Real-Time Mail Tracking

Keep a pulse on your direct mail campaigns with AccuZIP DQ's real-time mail tracking feature. Combined with Enfocus Switch's automation prowess, you gain unparalleled visibility into the status and performance of your mailings, enabling swift adjustments and optimizations as needed.

Electronic Documentation and Mail.dat Output

Say goodbye to paperwork headaches with AccuZIP DQ's electronic documentation capabilities. Integrated seamlessly with Enfocus Switch, generating and transmitting postal documentation becomes a seamless part of your automated workflow, reducing errors and ensuring compliance.

Watch the AccuZIP DQ Direct Mail app for Enfocus Switch explained in this demo video.

How it works

This is the only Enfocus Switch® Direct Mail application available in the United States and the only one that provides complete Data Quality and Direct Mail processing. There is no cost to integrate and test the AccuZIP DQ application (requires Enfocus Switch). No programming is necessary. Users simply drop the AccuZIP Direct Mail DQ app into the existing Enfocus Switch workflow. Once the API Key is issued, you can have instant access to EDDM® List Creation, CASS™ Certification, NCOALink® Processing, Duplicate Detection, PAVE™ Presort, Full-Service Mail.dat eDocs, hard copy postage statements, print-ready files for 100% unattended operation.

Generate EDDM lists on the fly so that your workflow can seamlessly provide saturation lists for any ZIP code™ or area in the country in the same workflow.

In addition to standard mail jobs, users can combine and batch several print jobs together in the flow, for additional mail cost savings.


Several customers are already using the AccuZIP DQ Direct Mail app and have expressed “amazement” over the ability to integrate their complete Direct Mail processing into existing Switch workflows with this simple tool.

The combination of AccuZIP DQ and Enfocus Switch offers a powerful solution for streamlining direct mail workflows. By automating key processes, improving accuracy, and enhancing visibility, these tools empower businesses to elevate their direct mail campaigns and achieve greater success in today's competitive market landscape.

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AccuZIP DQ Explainer VideoAccuZIP DQ Explainer Video

"The Accuzip Switch Configurator has provided our company with several advantages over other solutions for our mailing projects. The Switch Configurator allows us to run recurring jobs by using a set workflow and avoids repetitious programming for each repeat of the job. Additionally, Switch is able to parse and electronically file the resulting files from Accuzip, putting things where we need them and how we need it so that it can be readily integrated with other applications such as variable data printing. It saves us time and improves accuracy, which is a win-win."
- D.J., Santa Rosa, CA