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Targeted Mailing Lists

Consumer and Business Lists for $0.03 per address

With the AccuZIP targeted address list builder, you can create business and consumer lists for only 3 cents per address!

Make your selections based on geography and either the type of business or the interests of the consumer...or both! No need to purchase multiple lists. Click here to download the AccuZIP Data Dictionaries

Unlike other list companies who charge a minimum fee per purchase, you'll spend just $0.03 per address with no minimum purchase requirement.

With AccuZIP, you can be assured the list you purchase is squeaky clean, as each list you build goes through a three-step address cleansing process immediately prior to downloading to ensure your list is ready to mail right after purchase!

View our refund policy and the list of fields you receive when you purchase a list

  • Consumer and Business addresses for 3 cents per address

    3 Cents Per Address

    Create address lists with no minimum purchase requirement

  • AccuZIP List Creation Data Dictionaries


    Download the data dictionaries to accompany your lists

  • Build a consumer list for 3 cents per address

    Consumer Addresses

    Choose from personal interests, economic status, and much more

  • Build a business list for 3 cents per address

    Business Addresses

    Choose from filters such as Fortune 1000, NAICS, Employees and more

How to Get the Right Direct Mail Marketing List

Generate a targeted list of businesses and consumers for 3 cents per address

Simple To Use

Select the option to Generate a targeted direct mail list, then select your geographic region.

In the Demographic section, build your list with three easy steps:

  1. Select from a choice of five database types, e.g., new mover, new business or consumer
  2. Narrow your target by selecting a category relating to the database type, e.g., consumer > animal type
  3. Select a value for the chosen category, e.g., cat owner [NAICS Code Finder]

4. Continue filtering in order to hone your target audience.

To gain insight on field descriptions and codes and view a sample file, download the AccuZIP data dictionaries.

Don't waste money marketing to bad addresses

AccuZIP, Inc. uses a regular update cycle, using automated and manual calling, web research, news events, user feedback, directory inputs, and much more. This provides a database that is more accurate, with records that are touched more frequently, especially for smaller companies.

With the AccuZIP List Builder, you'll apply a final three-step address-cleansing process to your purchased list right before you download it to make sure these records are as up-to-date as possible.

  1. CASS Certified address validation
  2. NCOALink® move update processing
  3. Duplicate Detection

Enhance and Update Your Direct Mail Marketing List

AccuZIP Lists exclude Shell Businesses, Hobby Businesses and Lead Selling Companies

We don't play the shell game

The types of businesses AccuZIP excludes are as follows.

  • Hobby Businesses – Individual dealers of Tupper Ware, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Avon, and similar multi‐level marketing companies are generally excluded.
  • Shell Companies – Companies that exist solely on paper, either to protect assets or as a holding company, with no employees and no physical location, are excluded.
  • Lead Selling Companies – Companies with only a telephone number that don’t provide an actual service are excluded. The largest of this category are locksmith and garage door businesses, which advertise a telephone number, and then sell inbound calls to an actual locksmith or garage door business.

A Variety of List Types

  • Consumer and Business addresses for 3 cents per address

    Consumer Addresses

    Over 200 million consumers

  • AccuZIP strives to only include real companies with real addresses and employees

    New Homeowners

    Over 100 million new homeowners

  • Build a consumer list for 3 cents per address

    New Mover Data

    200k new movers updated weekly

  • Build a business list for 3 cents per address

    Business Addresses

    16 million businesses with 25k new businesses added week

View our refund policy and a list of the fields you receive and their definitions