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NCOALink® Module

Keep your addresses up to date with unlimited NCOALink

Unlimited NCOALink change of address processing for one low, annual price.

The NCOALink Product contains approximately 60 million permanent change-of-address records filed with the United States Postal Service® in the last 18 months by customers who want their mail forwarded to their new address. The NCOALink service is seamlessly integrated into the AccuZIP6 postal software product. This allows users to securely and confidentially process an unlimited number of names and addresses through its Licensed NCOALink system 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Unlike other Licensed NCOALink vendors that charge a minimum setup fee and separate usage fee, AccuZIP Inc. offers unlimited processing to its AccuZIP6 users for one small, annual price. Using AccuZIP6 can save your business thousands of dollars annually in list processing fees alone.

Businesses that mail at First-Class™, Periodical or USPS Marketing Mail® rates and use a competing postal software product to perform CASS™ processing, Presort and print their names and addresses should seriously consider taking a closer look at the AccuZIP6 postal software product. By using AccuZIP6 with the integrated NCOALink feature, your business may have a significant competitive advantage over your competition. The Licensed NCOALink system is updated weekly with new information so that your name and address data is always up-to-date before you mail.

Call AccuZIP Inc. at 800-233-0555 or speak with an NCOALink specialist by clicking the chat button at the top of the page for this special offer and additional information about the CASS and GOLD PAVE™ Certified AccuZIP6 postal software with integrated, real-time NCOALink processing.


Does the NCOALink Service process an unlimited number of records?

Many NCOALink services have a fee based on the number of records you process, and those fees really add up with the more records you submit. The AccuMUV NCOALink service for AccuZIP6 allows you to process an unlimited number of records for one annual fee. There are no hidden fees; the price does not change when you process millions of records.


Do I get Real-Time* Processing?

NCOALink processing is integrated into the CASS feature of AccuZIP6, so immediately following batch validation, the deliverable names and addresses are automatically securely encrypted and uploaded to the secure NCOALink servers where the data is matched against the NCOALink database. Upon completion, data is securely encrypted and downloaded and the database is updated. NCOALink processing runs at over 100,000 records per minute.

Other NCOALink services require a client to send their file, and then they'll process the file and send it back. This method could take hours or days, even with very small files.


Am I getting the lowest price?

If you purchase the Business Package, the NCOALink service is included! Some companies offer a similar service for nearly 4 times that amount! Are you getting better quality of service when you pay a much higher price? We offer you the opportunity to see for yourself by requesting a live demonstration.


How fast should I expect NCOALink Processing?

AccuMUV for AccuZIP6 processes 100,000 records in less than a minute. The files that are uploaded to our licensed NCOALink servers contain only name and address information and are compressed 10:1. This makes the file size extremely small for quicker data transfer.


Can I process NCOALink files after business hours?

You can process files through the AccuMUV NCOALink Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. This is because the NCOALink servers are always running, even on holidays, and they don't require manual intervention in order to process your data once it has been uploaded to our secure servers.

Use NCOALink processing with the Script feature of AccuZIP6 to process files throughout nights and weekends when you're away from the office.


How secure is my data?

Data security and integrity is our number one priority. All files transferred to and from our licensed NCOALink site are done through a secure username and password protected FTP connection. The only information that AccuZIP6 sends to the server for processing is 128-bit encrypted and 32-bit password files that contain the name and address information. The AccuMUV Electronic and Physical Security has been approved by the USPS. For more information, visit to speak with an NCOALink specialist.


What about ease of use?

Once you enter your username and password into the AccuZIP6 program, all you need to do is check the NCOALink box in the Validate window of AccuZIP6 and click Validate. The AccuZIP6 software will do the rest. When NCOALink processing is finished, an alert will appear showing the number of records updated and the number of changes of address in the list. Searching for those records is just as easy.


Are there built-in reports that I can use for myself or give to clients?

Several reports are built into AccuZIP6, including NCOALink Processing Certificate reports that provide a breakdown all the forwardable moves, boxes closed, foreign moves, and no forwarding addresses within the business, family, and individual moves. AccuZIP6 also provides an NCOALink Results Report, detailing which records in a database moved, showing their original address and updated address in a side-by-side comparison.

Compare these key features when shopping for an NCOALink service to give yourself the best service at the best price.

*Real-time processing is the process of batch uploading, batch downloading and batch updating of the names & addresses in your database through our Licensed NCOALink system. The NCOALink system is updated weekly. Mailing Lists for NCOALink processing require at least 100 unique names and addresses.

AccuZIP Inc. is a non-exclusive Limited Service Provider Licensee of the United States Postal Service (USPS®). Its product and service prices are neither established, controlled, nor approved by the USPS. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service: USPS, NCOALink, United States Postal Service, CASS, PAVE, CASS Certified, USPS Marketing Mail, First-Class.

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