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Canadian Validation Module

Validate Canadian Addresses

Verify Canadian Addresses & US Address - All at the same time!

  • Do you receive customer files with Canadian addresses mixed in with the domestic U.S. address list?
  • Do you have customers that would benefit from using Canadian address verification with delivery point validation?

Since 1992, AccuZIP has been a leader in the world of Domestic U.S. address certification and correction. We now bring the same validation expertise to Canadian addresses. Introducing our integrated Canadian Correction/Validation Module (ACV) Module.

AccuGeocoder Canadian Module: Add Latitude/Longitude Coordinates to Canadian Addresses

How does Canadian Address Verification work?

The AccuZIP Canadian Address Verification module provides detailed information to identify Canadian delivery points. Our Point of Call Data (PoCAD) contains extremely granular data providing the most thorough information that can distinguish true delivery point addresses.  PoCAD is able to confirm the Canadian Address at the delivery point, including secondary information. 

To summarize, PoCAD ensures that an address is confirmed at the delivery point level.  If AccuZIP cannot confirm the address through PoCAD, the standardized address is returned for a clean more standardized result.

The Canadian Address Verfication module is completely integrated into AccuZIP6. No additional steps!

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I just wanted to let your team know how much I appreciate you. I'm still fairly new at doing mail data processing, and it if weren't for your active support -- even for the not so smart questions -- I probably wouldn't be doing as well in this job as I am now. I have much more to learn as I have seen, but I just wanted to say thank you for your help! You all are wonderful!
T.B., Greenville, SC