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ACS Module

Update all your address changes with 1 click

ACS™ Module

  • With the click of a button, update all of your address changes at a rate of 3.6 million records per hour!
  • AccuZIP6's ACS Module lets you follow the "movers" on your mailing list and automatically updates your list with all change-of-address information provided by the United States Postal Service®.
  • Update addresses with the new address changes and deletions, due to undeliverable mail, at 3.6 million records per hour, without ever touching your keyboard.

Becoming an ACS Participant is Free!

ACS™ is an automated electronic enhancement to the USPS® traditional manual process for providing address corrections to mailers. ACS fulfillment notifications are transmitted nightly to the National Customer Support Center in Memphis, Tennessee, where they are consolidated and provided to ACS participating mailers, just like you can be.

It's absolutely FREE to become an ACS participant. Once you join, you will start receiving your address changes after each mailing. Forget about sending your list to a service bureau that charges you by the thousand, anywhere from $20/k and up. Remember, they are charging you for every record in your list, not just the changes.

Instead, utilize the ACS Module and pay for only the changes. This in itself can save you literally hundreds of dollars.
With a slight modification to the address block of the mail piece, and the words, "Address Service Requested" below the return address, you can be part of this money saving phenomenon known as ACS.

AccuZIP6 is the only software product that integrates this exciting utility right into its powerful mailing and ZIP + 4® encoding software


The ACS Module allows you to control what records get updated. One of sixteen different nixie codes could be attached to each troubled address record describing why it was not deliverable.

The ACS Module has other great features like the one pictured in the ACS Key window. Generate your own unique keys for every address in your list. We guarantee uniqueness! The keyline can be 4 to 16 characters. This unique ACS key will print directly below the endorsement line on your label or envelope to identify the record in your database.

If you already have a unique number for every record in your database, such as an account number, social security number or some other internal unique number, the ACS Module will also calculate the required check digit for you. The check digit is required by the Post Office™ to verify that the keyline is valid. This feature also allows you to recalculate the check digit for ACS keys that all ready have a check digit. This will guarantee that the check digit is correct.

Computer Efficiency

  • Electronic address change information for your specific mailings
  • Timely information on a schedule you determine
  • Make your address changes directly from disk, rather than manually
  • Retrieve address change information online

The Major Benefits

  • ACS is Free to join!
  • Pay only for returned mail
  • Eliminates manual address corrections and updating Returned mail costs you only 20 cents each, instead of 32 or 50 cents each
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars!
  • Cuts your mail processing costs significantly!
  • Reduces "Undeliverable as addressed" mail
  • Cuts other labor-intensive address change functions
  • It's efficient

AccuZIP Inc. is a nonexclusive Limited Service Provider Licensee of the United States Postal Service (USPS®). Its product and service prices are neither established, controlled, nor approved by the USPS. The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service: USPS, NCOALink , United States Postal Service, CASS, PAVE, CASS Certified, Standard Mail.

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