USPS Full-Service Technical Credit Matched Dollar for Dollar by AccuZIP Inc.

The USPS has eliminated the Tech Credit, but AccuZIP6 still honors its original Tech Credit offer that was issued in March.


Even though the USPS has canceled their Technical Credit program, AccuZIP Inc is still honoring that tech credit with the same offer that was issued in March of 2013. AccuZIP has announced a bold offer for its professional direct mail and QR code tracking service, and other products, to match dollar for dollar the amount of any mailer’s proposed USPS Tech Credit.  This would give each mailer that qualified for the proposed Tech Credit the ability to track and report 100% of their direct mail and QR Codes by simply uploading every IMb to the AccuZIP secure server.  The USPS notified all mailers that qualified for a proposed Tech Credit amount in a February 2013 letter. The letters they sent out included information on the exact dollar amount, the qualifying CRID(s) and the associated mailer information.  The proposed Tech Credit amount was awarded based on mail volume criteria during the period used by the USPS to determine qualification.  AccuZIP’s dollar for dollar matching offer is listed below: 


Permit Holder Volume Tech Credit Amount AccuZIP Match Amount
125,001 – 500,000 $2,000.00 Tech Credit $2,000.00 Service/Product Credit
500,001 – 2,000,000 $3,000.00 Tech Credit $3,000.00 Service/Product Credit
More than 2,000,000 $5,000.00 Tech Credit $5,000.00 Service/Product Credit


AccuZIP president Steve Belmonte stated, “This offer is available to any business that has received the proposed “USPS Tech Credit Letter”. The credit may be applied to AccuZIP’s mail and QR code tracking service, and any remaining credit may be applied toward the purchase of any AccuZIP postal software and data quality products.  We realize that this is an aggressive move, but we value the investment the mailers who have earned these Tech Credits have made or will be making to become Full Service certified.  Our offer will provide a dollar for dollar ‘match’ to any new business these mailers do with AccuZIP.”  Belmonte added, “AccuZIP wants to reward the efforts these organizations have made and let them know that we, too, recognize the cost impact it has had on their business.  This will allow these organizations to push their IM barcode data to our server and have their own branded, professional direct mail and QR code tracking service immediately and fully hosted.  This will allow these organizations to compete in this competitive direct mail communication market by providing a service that the industry expects.”

AccuZIP is dedicated to helping mailers optimize the value of the proposed USPS Tech Credit and work with them to take full advantage of what they have earned.   If you received the Tech Credit letter dated February 2013, it’s imperative to contact AccuZIP before August 1, 2013 to redeem the full proposed USPS Tech Credit amount.


USPS Tech Credit Dollar for Dollar Match by AccuZIP Information and Rules:


Examples of AccuZIP Match Amount use:



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