Mail Tracking from any device.

The USPS scans your mail.

AccuTrace reports the progress from drop off to delivery.

Generate big revenue

Mail Tracking and Analysis Designed to Generate Your Company BIG Revenue

With iAccuTrace you can literally track millions of mail pieces and millions of QR Codes for one flat monthly fee. The fair and unlimited usage pricing model helps you generate more revenue with reduced costs.

100% Branded Mail Tracking System For Your Company

100% Branded Mail Tracking System for Your Company

Personalize the iAccuTrace Graphic User Interface and iAccuTrace reports by uploading your corporate logo within an administrator panel. The iAccuTrace unique URLs give your customers access to track their own mail across the United States, including real-time QR Code scans, and pinpoint all scan activity on a free Google map.

Track mail from drop off to the final destination

Uploading mailing data. Tracking is quick and easy

Simply log into iAccuTrace, upload your file, and begin tracking and viewing your results from the very first IM Barcode scan (origin point) all the way to the final destination. The results can be viewed via pinpoints on a free Google Map so clients can see the exact travel points of the mail piece through the USPS Postal stream.

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Stay on top of the mail you send by tracking scanned mail

iAccuTrace can generate the Tracking URL and re-direct URL with Google Analytic parameters to be used with a QR Code encoder to generate a variable QR Code image. The QR Code can be printed on each individual piece. iAccuTrace will automatically log exactly when the mail-piece was scanned, at what location it was scanned, the device used to scan the QR Code, and how many times the QR Code was scanned.

Watch a short video to see how iAccuTrace works!

Compare mail tracking services for price and features

The only mail tracking service that doesn't charge on a per-piece basis.

Compare iAccuTrace to other IMBarcode mail tracking web services and you'll not only find more features you can use, but much lower prices. No need to track a sample of your mail in order to keep costs low. Track all of your scanned mailpieces for one low, monthly price.

Compare the features of iAccuTrace to other mail tracking services here.

Top 10 reasons to track mail

Top 10 reasons to Track Mail and analyze tracking reports

Beyond compliance and beyond postage discounts, mail tracking delivers ROI in many different ways. Regardless of your role in the mailing process or vertical market your mail is targeting, it is vital that you leverage the power of data to optimize your communications using mail tracking.

White Paper Mail Tracking in Today's Marketplace

Mail tracking in today’s marketplace - Why it's more than just a cost for suppliers

Partner Journeys with AccuZIP - Accutrace and Piedmont Direct Mail

Partner Journeys with AccuZIP - AccuTrace and Piedmont Direct Mail

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