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Perfect for any business, large or small. If you want to provide data quality and/or mailing services, or manage your own data in-house and do it yourself, the “Business Edition” is the product for you!
Import files from over 270+ different formats directly into AccuZIP6 5.0. The software will automatically recognize the file type and will create a new database that matches the input file structure automatically.

Nationally CASS Certified™ for ZIP+4®, CRRT, 5-Digit, LACSLink®, SuiteLink®, eLOT® and DPV® and will CASS™ process your data at speeds up to 2.1 million records per hour (580+ records per second)!

  An amazingly thin and incredibly compact AccuZIP Inc. logo USB Flash Drive with 2GB of memory is yours free. Now you can configure the AccuZIP6 5.0 Business Edition to CASS process your data at speeds up to 3.2 million records per hour (1,000+ records per second)**
ncoalink certificate
ncoa Unlimited access to our licensed NCOALink service, ensuring that you are 100% Move Update compliant when you update your name and address data with the current change-of-address. Our Licensed NCOALink data is updated weekly so when your list is processed through our nationally CASS Certified process it is also automatically processed through NCOALink. Choose from our many integrated Address Quality and Move Update reports and add your corporate logo, maximizing your exposure and name recognition.
duplicate detection 
Unparalleled integrated duplicate detection assures that the hardest to find duplicates are found so you save money by not mailing to the same person, address or business. Our exclusive A.K.A. dictionary is a powerful feature for matching names that are also known as another name, e.g., Bob vs. Robert or Bill vs. William, saving you even more cash!
presort GOLD PAVE™ Certified to accurately prepare your mail for the lowest postage rates. Supports all types of First-Class Mail®, Periodical Mail and Standard Mail®, including card size, letter size, flat size and parcel size.
  pdf Integrated PDF® creator and WinZIP® compatible compression. Yes, you can output all of your USPS® approved documentation directly to PDF with book marks, then with one-click, compress the entire job into a 100% compatible WinZIP file to archive or e-mail to your customer or print manager.
  printing Print with any Microsoft® Windows® compatible printer driver to any Direct Imprint printer, Laser Printer, high speed document printer or other output devices. With built-in Variable Data Printing, you have the power to personalize all of your output, including pictures, text, colors and font styles and sizes. You can export the presorted data, including the IM® barcode and use our included barcode font to print with any other product.
  scripting Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to setup a job once, then process the entire job from start to finish with one-click of your mouse? Our simple and intuitive GUI gives you the power to easily create Scripts that can save you literally hours of time and money, allowing you to take on more work and increase your revenue stream with less effort.

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** Flash Drive available for new customers only