Opening a DBF File

It is simple to open a DBF format with AccuZIP6.  The program will preserve the file structure when it is opened in AccuZIP6, unless you change it yourself while in the program.  


Follow the steps below to open a DBF:


AccuZIP6 will immediately open the file.





If the file does not open or an error occurs, try choosing Open List from the File menu so the program can determine the file format for you.



A DBF will always have a Header Record.  The Header Record contains the names of the fields.  AccuZIP6 does have some required fields that allow the program to locate the data during processing.  When a DBF is opened, the Header Record is automatically used to determine the field names.


When you begin to process a DBF in AccuZIP6, all of the required field names may not be assigned to the coinciding data.  In this case, the program will prompt you to assign the proper field names to the data with a Missing Fields window.



Missing Fields Window





Assigning field names to a DBF does not change the field name.  The process only cross-references the original field name to the AccuZIP6 field name.



The Auto Map feature will cross reference the field names and use the required AccuZIP6 field name if the field name exists in the Auto Map list.  If the field name is not cross-referenced in the Auto Map list, AccuZIP6 will recommend that you add the required field by putting a plus sign in front of the required field.  The fields from the Database are displayed on the left side of the screen.  Your objective is to assign your DBF field name to the required AccuZIP6 field name.  If you do not assign data to the fields with the plus signs, the fields will be added automatically.





If you do not want a field to be created, double-click on the field to remove the +.  If you do not add the field, the process that requires that field will not be completed.







You can also create unique field names for the Field List in the Table Designer  or add field names to the Auto Map list  while in the Missing Fields window.