AccuZIP, Inc. Announces Appointment of New Company President

January 9, 2015 – Atascadero, CA

AccuZIP, Inc. announces new presidentAccuZIP, Inc. CEO Steve Belmonte announced today that Kristen McKiernan has been promoted to President of AccuZIP, Inc. and will assume the role immediately.  Steve will continue in his role as the CEO and set the visionary direction for the organization.

Steve Belmonte stated, “After a long and thorough search process, it is a pleasure to announce that Kristen McKiernan has been promoted to the role of President at AccuZIP, Inc. Kristen’s experience and resume are impeccable and make her very qualified to assume this role.” In his address to the company employees, Belmonte added, “Kristen’s education, experience and tenure with AccuZIP make her the perfect person to assume the role of President. I have thought about this for a great deal of time and weighed many options. All of the information kept pointing me internally to Kristen as the best candidate and I could not be more confident in this decision.”

“I’ve spent 23 years building AccuZIP into the organization it is today. I have not been alone in those efforts and, along with the people supporting me, I have set some ambitious goals for 2015 and beyond. In recognition of their efforts I am announcing some organizational changes that will provide the solid foundation AccuZIP needs to support these aggressive goals.”

Ms. McKiernan’s resume is very impressive and clearly represents why she was chosen for this position.  Here are some of the highlights:

The diversity of McKiernan’s resume will be beneficial to all of the customer partners, vendors, strategic partners and employees of AccuZIP.  As she addressed the AccuZIP employees, Kristen stated, “AccuZIP is fortunate to have such a strong group of people internally who work tirelessly to provide excellent service and support to our customer partners, vendors and strategic partners.  Most of us have worked together for over 10 years and we are all taking on larger roles with the organization.  This is essential to support the growth plans we have discussed internally.”  She continued by adding, “None of these changes will happen overnight but I am confident that the transition will be seamlessly executed over time to assure success.”

McKiernan emphasized to the group, “Our plans for growth are indeed aggressive, but necessary. To achieve them we must continue to provide outstanding products and services that lead the industry, expand into new markets and most of all, provide world class support.”

“It is my goal to work with the strong staff we currently have and to bring in new, talented people to expand our operation in much the same way Steve did for over 23 years. We have great people who are ready to lead AccuZIP to the “next level” and carry our mission forward. I am humbled to be chosen to lead this Team.”

Steve Belmonte emphasized that this announcement is not an indication that he will be “backing away”. Quite the opposite is true!  “I need time to focus solely on development and enhancement of our existing and future products and services. With Kristen running the organization and managing the day-to-day operations I have the opportunity to do that. To achieve the aggressive growth goals I have set, AccuZIP needs to bring more innovative and highly functional tools to our existing customer partners and market and introduce our technology into new U.S. and International markets. I have spent a number of years working with and developing Kristen and she is ready to lead this organization!”

In conclusion, Ms. McKiernan added “We are not going away from what has made us such a great and successful organization. We are building on our success and rewarding people with leadership opportunities. As a team, I feel we are ready and eager to utilize the skills we have developed to take AccuZIP to the next level as an organization.”