AccuZIP Inc. produces record sales

Atascadero, CA, October 18, 2010 – AccuZIP Inc., a leading provider of data quality postal mailing software, announced today that the AccuZIP6 5.0 Business Edition 3-year package, which includes a free Dell Minitower or Laptop computer, has produced record sales during the first three quarters of 2010. Furthermore, AccuZIP Inc. announced the release of AccuZIP6 5.04.33, which includes additional file support to read and write XML data and read Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Access 2010 documents natively. With the added file support, the software now recognizes more than 280 file formats automatically, making this product an invaluable tool for any business managing any type of data, including name and address data.

A business friendly and economical pricing structure, coupled with its resolute customer support policies, were additional factors for the AccuZIP6 Business Edition increased sales volume. AccuZIP6 was also recently ranked the number one mailing software by small and large size businesses. – 2010/2011 Mailing Services Pricing Study

"The heightened interest and sales for our AccuZIP6 5.0 Business Edition 3-year packages, which includes a new Dell Minitower or Laptop exceeded our projections." said Steve Belmonte, President and CEO of AccuZIP Inc., "Businesses are welcoming the fact that we offer the new computers at no additional cost, all while reducing their out of pocket expenditure by 40% on the product over the same three years."

About AccuZIP Inc. - AccuZIP Inc., a U.S. based firm started in 1992, creates award-winning, powerful and robust data quality and mailing software. Its many products and services are certified by the United States Postal Service. The company is also an Accredited Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating.

AccuZIP Inc. develops many products and services, including the industry standard, flag-ship product, AccuZIP6 5.0. These products and services include its popular AccuMUV and AccuMUV48 for move-update compliance, AccuMUVXtreme for CASS and NCOALink with ANKLink processing only, AccuGeoCoder, Palletization, Mail.dat, Manifest Mixed Weight Mailings, Bound Printed Matter presorts, Container Tags Module and ACS Module.

AccuZIP products and services are used throughout the United States and Canada for data quality and mailing in the United States. AccuZIP6 5.0 at its highest level, is GOLD PAVE Certified for 100% of the available postal presorts and presort options offered by the USPS PAVE Department. The software is also nationally CASS Certified for ZIP + 4, CRRT, 5-Digit, LACSLink, SuiteLink, eLOT and DPV.

Providing excellent, efficient and courteous technical support and customer service for all its products and services has always been top priority for Steve Belmonte. The company is also the only postal software company in the industry to guarantee 15-minute responses for all e-mails and faxes received during normal business hours. The company also provides many alternatives to calling support, through its Live Chat and the comprehensive user forum. Live Chat is the favorite support method utilized by its customers, giving them the option to print a full transcript documenting the entire chat session.

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