AccuZIP Inc. releases AccuZIP6 5.04.32

What’s new at AccuZIP Inc.?

What’s new in AccuZIP6 5.04.32?

Automatically recognizes and imports over 280 file formats.

Unlike other applications, the AccuZIP6 5.04.32 software will determine the exact format of any file simply by selecting and opening it. The user does not have to determine if a file is CSV vs. Excel vs. XML vs. PIPE vs. over 280 file formats. The software will determine the correct number of fields in the file and automatically “Map” known field names to existing data for easy data importing or appending when a Header record is provided.

File formats include:

Exports/Outputs Data to XML Documents

Element-centric output format where each field/column in a database is represented by a sub-element of the top-level element

Exports/Outputs Data to native Microsoft Excel Documents

Once the document is created, simply double-click to open in Microsoft Excel

Prints PS3602C Consolidated Mailing Statement for all Standard Mail Drop Shipment Mailings

Mail.dat Output for PostalOne! (Add-in Product sold separately)

Print or Export IM Barcode (Intelligent Mail Barcodes)

Export 65-character IM Barcode and print from any application

Export 31-Digit IM Barcode data for use in other applications

Included IM Barcode Font

Generates unique Serial Numbers that can be shared across a LAN

Support for both Full and Basic Service

Who is AccuZIP Inc.?

AccuZIP Inc., a U.S. based firm started in 1992, creates award-winning, powerful and robust data quality and mailing software. Its many products and services are certified by the United States Postal Service. The company is also an Accredited Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating and has been ranked first in “ease-of-use” in an independent study for its flag-ship AccuZIP6 5.0 product.

AccuZIP Inc. develops many products and services, including the industry standard, flag-ship product, AccuZIP6 5.0. These products and services include its popular AccuMUV and AccuMUV48 for move-update compliance, AccuMUVXtreme for CASS and NCOALink with ANKLink processing only, AccuGeoCoder, Palletization, Mail.dat, Manifest Mixed Weight Mailings, Bound Printed Matter presorts, Container Tags Module and ACS Module.

Our products and services are used throughout the United States and Canada for data quality and mailing in the United States. AccuZIP6 5.0 at its highest level, GOLD PAVE Certified for 100% of the available postal presorts and presort options offered by the USPS PAVE Department. The software is also nationally CASS Certified for ZIP + 4, CRRT, 5-Digit, LACSLink, SuiteLink, eLOT and DPV.

What Other People Have Said About AccuZIP Inc.

- Please let your guys know that they did an amazing job with this update.  Remember when you said that the timestamp at the end was normal for Excel files?  They got rid of that too!  Absolutely incredible work!  Outstanding!  You guys are great!
n C.S., Virginia Beach, VA

- “We have over 200 vendors we work with on a daily basis and (the AccuZIP6 techs) are the most knowledgeable, helpful group of folks I have worked with, always willing to go out of the way to help. As owner and GM of a Print and Mail Shop I admire the dedication these folks have in making sure we are satisfied. I also appreciate the fact that a human answers the phone.”
n M.S., Mt. Vernon, IL

- “Your software is one of the best I've used. I switched over from PostalSoft (and before that BCC) and AccuZIP6 is easily a giant leap forward in terms of software interface, efficiency, automation, integration, and support. Your support system is one of the best I've seen. Please keep it up.”
n M.F., Bakersfield, CA

- “I've been getting unsolicited comments from clients about your support. They are saying things like, 'Without doubt, the finest software support that I have ever received'. Keep up the good work!”
n Dealer, Silver Spring , MD

- “I have never received the kind of support that is as quick, reliable and dependable as your company has provided... everything you have said you would do you have, and then some. My hat off to you and your company.”
n B.J., Orlando , FL

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