AccuZIP6 adds LACSLink conversion to CASS™ Certification process

The LACSLink product provides mailers an automated method of obtaining new addresses when:

Address Management Systems (AMS) offices across the country collect and transfer information for this database to the National Customer Support Center in Memphis TN.

The LACS service is available through AccuZIP6 CASS Certified™ software. This service is incorporated into the CASS Certification feature of AccuZIP6 to ensure a high quality mailing list.

Input address information provided by a mailer to the licensee is first standardized according to Publication 28, Postal Addressing Standards to conform with U.S. Postal Service® requirements including the ZIP + 4® code. Once the address is standardized the input address is considered to be a candidate for matching against the LACSLink data under the following conditions:

If an exact match is made with the old address information to the LACSLink data files, the new address is entered into the address field of the database, and the letter L is filled into the LACS_ field.

LACSLink benefits include the following:

Currently, there are approximately 5.8 million records on the LACS database of addresses that have been converted. (e.g., E-911 changes, etc.)