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May 28, 2015

AccuZIP Inc walks customers through process of becoming full-service certified in order to achieve automation discounts in 2014AccuZIP is dedicated to our customer partners. We invest a number of resources to assure that the technologies and products we provide to you are of the highest quality and provide great functionality.

Part of our responsibility and service is to be involved in industry associations. We are deeply involved with IDEAlliance and work with other members to advocate on behalf of the industries our customer partners represent.

In that vein, IDEAlliance announced a new “Postal Incident Report” that we feel will provide all mailers the chance to rate the USPS. This “USPS Scorecard” will only be effective with your help! Please read the information below from IDEAlliance and begin to use this tool today. It can only work well if mailers provide feedback on all USPS issues going forward. This is available to you as a customer partner of AccuZIP!

This is not meant to replace the processes you use to resolve USPS issues today. It is meant to provide a common “repository” for information for IDEAlliance and its member companies to provide the USPS feedback on their performance. This information will be useful to the USPS so they can see where they need more training, resources and attention to serve their customers better.

Here is the IDEAlliance Postal Incident Report announcement:

IDEAlliance – a leader in postal supply chain communication, innovation, and standardization since 1967 – began an effort in late 2014 to better document industry’s incurred costs by US Postal Service field operations, headquarter decisions, or IT systems and, most importantly, provide a feedback loop to the industry and the US Postal Service for areas of focus and improvement.

As a result of its deliberations, IDEAlliance is introducing the Postal Incident Report. It is designed to be a log of USPS-caused factual issues that resulted in additional costs incurred by industry companies. The reporting of postal incidents is easily accessible – no login is required and the process is simple. Participants utilizing this recording tool can be from any segment of the mailing industry. The Incident Report, which assures anonymity, allows users to record the date of the issue, the USPS location/area of responsibility involved, the nature of the incident, and the costs incurred. Any incident that creates additional or unplanned cost should be recorded. Incidents can include:
• Software-related issues that impact mail production or cause Scorecard errors
• File-related issues that impact labeling
• Mail acceptance issues such as erroneous drop shipment refusals
• Unloading delays that result in detention charges
• MTE shortages

By recording your incidents and associated incurred costs, IDEAlliance – working on behalf of the industry – will provide industry feedback to the US Postal Service to pinpoint and focus current and evolving issues of concern.

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