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Intelligent Mail Barcode Educational Webinar
Webinar Q&A | Information

The Intelligent Mail Barcode Educational Webinar will give instructions on how to obtain a Mailer ID, which is necessary for printing the Intelligent Mail Barcode. In addition, you'll learn how to enter the Mailer ID and Service Type information into AccuZIP6, how to use a customer's Mailer ID instead of your own, and how to print the Intelligent Mail Barcode or export it to print elsewhere.

You won't want to miss this webinar as the Intelligent Mail Barcode will be replacing the Delivery Point Barcode in January 2013!

Webinar Questions & Answers

You mentioned in the Webinar that the postal one helpdesk is very useful. I would disagree as they haven’t been able to help me or my client determine if the ACS service has been setup properly on my customers account. So when we do print the IMB that everything will flow properl

You should contact the “Address Change Service or OneCode ACS Department” at 877-640-0724 Option 1. They will have you send an email to:
Subject Line: Traditional ACS MID ? – ACS Participation Code: ? (Replace the ? with your ACS Participation Code)
Body: I need my Mailer ID (MID) setup for Traditional ACS.

Currently I’m working with my customer to implement the IMB (Full Service). When going to the customer gateway why can’t he see his Mailer ID

After you log into the Gateway, click “Mailer ID” and the list will appear under “Mailer ID Summary”. If it does not, they may be logging into an older account. You can also contact the PostalOne! Help Desk at (800) 522-9085 or at

How do I find out if we have a Mailer ID already

The easiest way is to contact the friendly customer support representatives at PostalOne!
(800) 522-9085 or at

Is there a benefit to your mail pieces to have the barcode above or below the address

There is no benefit to your mail pieces to have the barcode above or below the address. It is all about your customers' preferences.

The post office told me we had to prepare two test mailings with the IMB before using the IMB on a regular basis. If the software is generating the IMB, what could be any possible things that could go wrong that the post office would find deficient with the bar code

If you are following the rules for “Barcode Placement”, and using our product with a correct Mailer ID, you will be good to go. There is no need to send mail-pieces to your post office for approval. Our support team can assist you if you have questions after you print the IMb. We can evaluate the IMb for accuracy as well.

How do I export the Intelligent Mail Barcode

How do I export the Intelligent Mail Barcode in a script?

What is the difference between Full Service IMB and just using the IMB barcode?

The structure of the barcodes is the same. The difference comes down to the customers’ choice. The basic IMb allows you to qualify for automation discounts and is easy to implement. The Full-Service IMb is more rigorous and complicated to implement and requires additional steps in the mailing process. Full-Service provides larger discounts and free address quality updates.

You mentioned a full-service IMb webinar at one point in your discussion. Do you have a date for that yet?

Mid January 2013. We will have the Webinar before the new rates are implemented and after we are certified for eDoc. This way we can show everyone how the entire Full Service IMb process can be handled directly from AccuZIP6 5.0 free of charge!

I don’t understand IMB service types. Where can I find a list of all service types and their definitions?

AccuZIP6 5.0 provides a list of all Service Types and the short description. Select the Additions Menu and choose AccuTrace | Intelligent Mail Setup… When the Intelligent Mail Information Setup window appears, click on the class of mail you want to see the Service Types for, then double-click on the icon below the Service Type node to see a complete list for that class of mail.

The official “A Guide to Intelligent Mail for Letters and Flats”, starting at Page 19, gives you information about these service types.

Can we print the IMB with a Rena DA 608?

Yes. The Rena DA 608, along with nearly all Rena printers, supports the TrueType® font. You can print the IMb and IMpb with your Rena DA 608, the same what you would to any Inkjet or Laser printer. All you need to do is enter your Mailer ID or download our latest update on Monday and check the “Intelligent Mail” box to print using the same Label template you use now to print the POSTNET® barcode.

I'm curious about the Intelligent Mail Package barcode for parcels more than anything else. For instance, which classes of Parcels will require the IMpb to receive discounts and do you support/create the eVS files needed to send to the USPS?

First-Class Package Services, Parcel Select, Parcel Select Light Weight, Bound Printed Matter, Media Mail, Library Mail parcels and Standard Mail Parcels. Currently, we are certifying under eDoc and Full Service using the MAIL.DAT files produced with AccuZIP6. We anticipate completing this process before the end of December, 2012. AccuZIP6 5.0 will then be able to control the communication with PostalOne!

We are also looking at the opportunity to develop our interface in January-February 2013 to the Electronic Verification System (e-VS), to allow high-volume package mailers to document and pay postage using electronic manifest files.

What is the cost of AccuTrace? How much extra does the post office charge for this service?

We have a special running from now to December 31, 2013

Pricing after December 31

We are a Printing Company that also offers Mailing. Why would we need to track mail?

One of the main reason is that you can project the “in-home” date of the mail-pieces. You can instantly measure response—by state, by city, even to specific addresses in a batch report or graphs. Tracking 100% of your trackable mail gives you a significant advantage over not tracking because tracking can trigger follow-up efforts precisely when they’re most effective. By tracking when the mail-pieces are out for delivery, you can determine if you or your customers are getting a better response if the mail is delivered during the week or on the weekend. A major benefit to tracking mail now is that your competitors are probably not tracking their mail, so you have a competitive advantage by starting now. Now you have full insight on where the mail is in the mail-stream and when it will be delivered so you and your customers can make better decisions. You also know when the post office isn’t working your mail and can contact them to ask questions.

Are you going to have another webinar explaining what to do with the mail.dat file that is created for us?

Mid January 2013. We will have the Webinar before the new rates are implemented and after we are certified for eDoc. This way we can show everyone how the entire Full Service IMb process can be handled directly from AccuZIP6 5.0 free of charge!