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AccuZIP6 Webinars and Training Courses

Label & Report Designer: Basic & Advanced Training
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This Label and Report Designer Training Course for AccuZIP6 will change the way you think about printing and teach you new, powerful and useful techniques to be more productive. 

Learn how to create professional looking labels and reports that will be sure to impress your customers and help you generate more revenue.  

Learn how to create postcard size pieces and print directly to your color printer with variable text, color, fonts, pictures and personal messages to generate a higher return on investment. You will learn how to create a new Label Template from start to finish.

Learn how to create 4-, 6-, 8- or even 12- up postcards in the Label Designer that print in presort order to help speed up production by printing 160- to over 320- postcards per minute on a 40-page-per-minute laser printer. 

You will also learn how to create new reports from scratch and add your custom logos, create group bands, title and summary pages.  Creating professional looking reports is vital to the success of your business.  Don’t miss this oportunity to learn the basic and advanced techniques on designing labels, reports, and postcards.

Webinar Questions & Answers

Can the Sequence number have the "0" Truncated?
Yes, you can find a technote in our Forum on the expression for that:

For postcards, can you print duplex?
There is not a duplexing feature by default but there will be an option added to AccuZIP6 that will support this. This feature will appear in the late summer.

How about a print only module?
That is available now.

Is it possible to put an updated manual on the software on the next distribution CD?
We continually update the Help menu with each DVD but we are also in the process of developing physical manuals for distribution and the ability to print the entire Help menu to a PDF

Will AccuZIP6 support the new Intelligent Mail barcodes?
AccuZIP6 5.0 already supports this. You can find detailed information on setting up the IMB by pulling the Help menu down to Contents and go to the Printing section, then click on the Intelligent Mail Barcode topic.

Can reports be produced when running in batch mode?
Yes, as long as the reports have been created already and saved, you can print them to a PDF during the scripting/batch mode.

Will Accuzip allow you to do Crystal Reports? Or can we create Crystal Reports from Accuzip?
Currently you can't save to Crystal Reports but this is on the Wish list and with the new added export file formats this should be do-able in the future.

When doing these reports can you calculate postal cost by stores from the file?
Yes, because you could use the Rate field from the Presorted file to do the summation

Can you import a pdf as a background picture?
You would need to first save the PDF as an image and then import that into the Label Designer and then use the Format tool to Send it to Back

Can this be used to send directly to a Buskro inkjet?
Yes, you can create a file that will work for the Buskro

Can you save as a text doc for a mail merge in Word or Publisher?
Yes. You would just choose CSV as the Export Format

How do you know which was the last postcard printed?
When it prints out, you would look at the piece and search for the criteria in the Look In box for that record and that will automatically show you which record that was in the Scope area

Can you print 4up post cards that are sorted by stack?
Yes, by exporting your data (or presort) and choosing the Print Order of North/South in the Export Setup window. This feature is covered in the Webinar.

Can individual fields use different fonts?
Yes, in the label designer. Select the item that you'd like to change, then pull down the Format menu to Font.

Is there a way to get the records to print so that, for instance, you print a 1000 record database, and records 1-250 all print in the upper left, 251-500, in th upper right, etc, so that when they are trimmed the stacks are in order from top to bottom?
Yes, you'll want to use our North/South feature for this

Can you print information at an angle?
Unfortunately you cannot change the Text orientation in the label designer