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AccuZIP6 Integration with NCOALink

Webinar Q&A | Information

Even if you currently utilize NCOALink® to process lists through our Licensed NCOALink Service, it is important that you take the short amount of time to view this informational Webinar.

A Federal Notice was released September 28th, 2007 finalizing the new move update requirement. Starting November 23rd, 2008 all First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® must be updated within 95 days of the mail date. This means that by September 20, 2008, you should begin processing all of your clients mailing lists, and your internal mailing lists through our Licensed NCOALink service to ensure you remain compliant with the new move update requirements.

If you are not currently using our integrated NCOALink service, or if you are sending your list to an outside move update service, then this Webinar is critical to your business. AccuZIP Inc. has created a simple interface to process mailing lists securely and quickly through our Licensed NCOALink service, 24/7. A list of 10,000 records processes in just 2-seconds, while one million records takes only a few minutes.

You will also see the new, powerful reports that will help guarantee you retain your existing customers and attract new customers. Learn how to add your logo to the reports and the best way to price the move update service to generate additional revenue for your company.

Webinar Questions & Answers

Is this module required on all classes of mail as of November 23rd?
No, this is only going to be required for Standard class mail in November 2008. Currently it is already required for First Class mail.

Where and how do you get the NCOALink report?
After your database has been updated from our NCOALink servers, you can run any one of the NCOALink Reports from the Report Settings screen (File menu > Print > Reports).

Does this report need to be provided to the Post Office?
Currently you can print the Move Update Compliance report (PS6014) if your Post Office asks for verification. Also there is a check box on the mailing statement currently you can check off before bringing your mail to the Post Office.

What happens if we have the new address before the Post Office does? How long before a change of address submitted to a local PO shows in the NCOALink database? Typically the change of address is in the data between 7-10 days after the move has been filed. We update our NCOALink data on our servers with 60,000,000 changes of address weekly, normally done on Thursday.

NCOALink goes back 18 months and ANKLink goes back 48 months? I get mail sent to my old business address that I moved away from 12 years ago. How does the post office plan to deal with these addresses?
The Post Office only retains change of address information as far back as 48 months. If you have records that old , there is not a service that I am aware of that can correct it.

Why doesn't ANK provide the new address information?
ANK will only flag the records. This is as service provided by the USPS to indicate the records in the 48 month NCOALink service; there is no actual new address information in the data. To retrieve the move update on those records, you can take the records with a “77” in the Nxi_ field and an “M” in the matchflag_ field and send those to a full service provider. This will save you money over sending the
entire list to them.

What if we purchase a list through a list vendor. Do we process the list through NCOALink and if so who do we put as the list owner?
If you purchased the list from a vendor the list is now yours. If the list has names, I would definitely process it through NCOALink. If the list is a walk sequence saturation list, please contact our technical support on the steps needed to keep the list in the correct order.

Is the annual fee prorated to coincide with our subscription?
The annual fee for the unlimited access to our licensed NCOALink service is $795.00. We can also prorate the NCOALink subscription to match your AccuZIP6 expiration date.

Is possible to perform NCOALink on data that is already CASS certified by another program?
The CASS process will still need to be performed by AccuZIP6 as we actually are creating another file that gets compressed and encrypted during the CASS process for the NCOALink servers.

Can the information e.g. on the Forwardable Move report also be extracted in e.g. CSV format ?
After the file has updated in your database you can use the SHOW: option to select the NCOALink ALL records. Once that selection of records is on the screen, pull down the File>Export option making sure you choose “Selection” in the scope.

Don't our customers have to sign the NCOALink form before we send it to you?
Yes, if you are processing a list of theirs through our licensed NCOALink service.

NCOALink matches first and last name+address? What criteria are used to match?
NCOALink matches first on the address information, there must be a 100% match on the address. Then the name matching algorithm is used to match the name.