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File: PAF Management System webinar

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Click on the link above to advance to the AccuZIP6 Updates page. After you successfully login, click on the AccuZIP Webinar Series: PAF Management System link to download a .zip file containing the webinar video.

File: List Owner Q&A

AccuZIP6 Webinars and Training Courses

How to complete PAF's in AccuZIP6

With the Processing Acknowledgment Form Management System


In this exclusive webinar, AccuZIP CEO Steve Belmonte has revolutionized the way to complete Processing Acknowledgment Forms for Mail List owners within the AccuZIP6 postal software.

If you process files through AccuZIP's licensed NCOALink service, this is a webinar you must attend as it will show you how to simplify what had been a very tedius process.

It is our goal to make the PAF management process as integrated, automated and seamless as possible. This webinar will show you how to use this new system effectively so you can improve your workflow and continue to process unlimited files through AccuZIP's licensed NCOALink service quickly and efficiently.

On this page, we've included a List Owner Q&A in PDF format, which will help with filling out the Processing Acknowledgment Form and answering your questions about the process.