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AccuZIP6 Advanced 2: Automating AccuZIP6 through Scripting

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The second video in the AccuZIP6 Advanced webinars covers the topic of the Script feature in AccuZIP6, which allows you to automate tasks or entire jobs in AccuZIP6.

This webinar is presented by AccuZIP Senior Product Specialist Dave Belmonte.


Webinar Questions & Answers

We have common script for how we process all of our clients with the exception of needing to use a different PAF. Is there a way to script just changing the PAF based upon a filename?

Yes, you can drop a text file in the same hot folder that the file you are processing is in with the same file name but an “.nlk” extension. In the .nlk file there would be one line required at the top: SCRIPT | AZ000 You can put any name but the format must be NAME | Valid Key ID

We currently use scripting, but have to setup hundreds of seperate scripts with the only change being the PAF it is running under. What we want to do is have one script that can use a different paf based upon a file name something akin to an if statement or a switch statement

See the answer to the previous question.

How do you set the presort settings? For instance, sort type (1st Class, Marketing Mail, etc...), piece size. weight, thickness, etc. What about the information for the Paperwork area? Permit Owner's MID/CRID, etc.

You can save the settings in the presort screen, and then use those settings during the script. If you would like to programmably modify the settings, you can use the setting file located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuZIP6 5.0\Scripts\Presorts folder. You would modify that file prior to the file getting processed in the hot folder. Same thing with the Mailing Statement, you can save that setting in the C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuZIP6 5.0\Scripts\Presorts folder, and then it would be used in the script.

Hotfolders is great, but wouldn't you need a hotfolder for each type of mail (letters, postcards etc) for each customer?

You can set them up that way. That would be best practice (to setup one script for each class and size of mail, and then drop the file in the particular folder).

If a script is running and another file is noted by the watch folder, will it wait for other to be done? Or if already processing file manually and then file noted by watch folder will it start running when you are done manually running file?

The first script will complete 100% before grabbing the next file for processing.

How can you change the mail date - most mailings go out 3-5 work days after file is received.

You can have the script pause at the mailing statement and change the date there. You can also update the date in the Presort Setup screen.

If you have a file open and want to run the script you just built instead of a hot folder, how do you set that up?

Depending on how the script is setup, you can simply select the script, and then click the Run icon at the top.

How to prompt user for input?

In any of the script windows, simply uncheck the Auto Run box.

I imagine I can run a script to append a file to a master datebase, process it & delete the records, but when I run my postal paperwork I always need to change some of the values on the 3602 to be unique values (e.g. sequence #). Is there a way to pause for user input or somehow specify these values?

Yes, uncheck the Auto Run option in the window you would like to pause.

Can emails be templated?

You can save the setting as a template, and then make different settings from the template.

Can you run scripts to modify csv files before it gets uploaded to AccuZIP?

Depending on what you would need to modify, you would need to create a separate script to open the csv and modify it, and then write it out again.

Can a watch folder be set up externally... for example on my website?

You would need direct access to the folder. You can install a “WebDrive” from software on the internet that can point to the FTP location as if it were a local drive, similar to Drop Box.

Do you have to have a dedicated Hot Folder or can you have different ones for each of our customers?

You can have several hot folders, and scripts watching those folders.

Can input filename be used as variable in saving, commands, etc?

Yes, we can capture the input file name to be used later to write out the file with the same name.

Do all the files have to be named the same each time when using a script and the hot folder?

No, You can have the script watch for any file name. AccuZIP6 Support can assist you with the setup for that.

If a company sends 4 files for the same mailing, how do you sequence a script to incorporate all the files in a single AccuZIP file?

You would need to use a command to import all the files into one database. The files would need to be the same structure.

How did you create the final packaged files (OUT folder) and the archive the files?

We would use commands to do that. AccuZIP6 Support can assist you with that.

We now have our validation event halt to select the correct PAF for our client. What would be the best way to automate this process - a separate script for each client?

Yes, you can drop a text file in the same hot folder that the file you are processing is in with the same file name but an “.nlk” extension. In the .nlk file there would be one line required at the top: SCRIPT | AZ000 You can put any name but the format must be NAME | Valid Key ID

Is that case sensitive?

Fox Pro is not case sensitive.