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Export user defined IMpb data

The following instructions incorportate user defined data into the IMpb while exporting:

  1. Presort your database. In the Print Presort window, click on Print Labels.
  2. in Print Settings, click on the Output pull down menu and choose Disk File. Click Continue.
  3. In the Export Setup window, select your export map or select the fields you'd like to export.
  4. Add an extra line to the export and name it impb. Make the width 40.
  5. Expression to Export IMpb Printable Characters:


zip = The name of the field in your database that contains the ZIP or ZIP+4 code
mailerid = 6-digit or 9-digit Mailer ID from a field or in placed quotes, e.g., "123456789"
servicetype = 3-digit IMpb Service Type
serialno = 7-digit unique serial number for 9-digit Mailer ID; 10-digit unique serial number for 6-digit Mailer ID
serialno = can also be the record number, e.g., RECNO().  To start at record number 5000 use RECNO()+4999

Expression to Export IMpb Digits: oPrintBc.IMpb(zip,mailerid,servicetype,serialno,1)
Note: Notice the "1" as the last parameter

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