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Container Tags Print Garbage Except for the Barcode

Issue: Printing Container Tags to PDF prints the Barcode perfect, but all of the other Text lines “sometimes” print gibberish.

Reason: An Arial Font Conflict has occurred.

  1. With your database open, pull down the Edit menu to Label
  2. Browse to the C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 5.0\iPresort\Reports\TRAYTAGC.LBX, and open this file
  3. Click once on the Top Text Box line, select Format > Font. You will notice that the “Arial” font is a “Printer” font and NOT a TrueType Font. This occurred because the User installed new Open Type Library fonts that “replaced” the Standard Microsoft “TrueType” fonts. Thus, the Font Conflict.

Resolution: Edit the Container Tag Template and change ALL “Arial” fonts (this is all boxes in header and detail with the exception of the Barcode itself) to a “TrueType” font, like Franklin or Calibri, or any like “TrueType” font.

Resolution (Preferred): Install the Microsoft True Type – Arial Font Family.

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As a member of the NPOA board now, an additional word of appreciation for the long time support of our printers’ association. We cant do it without the support of our vendors, and AccuZIP has been GREAT!
B.K., Tampa, FL