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Sort the items in a report by a specific field

  1. In the Report Settings window, remove all the reports from the List of Reports to Print area.
  2. Select the report you'd like to print from the template pull down menu.
  3. Click on the Report Filters button, which is the button with the red triangle beneath the Template pull down menu.
  4. Erase what's in the Sort Filter For Report box, and type in the exact name of the field by which you'd like to sort the report. For example, if you'd like to put all the items in the report in order by Company name, type the word Company in the Sort Filter box.
  5. Add that report to the List of Reports to Print.

Your report is ready to print, in the sort order specified in Step 4.

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I Just wanted to let you know we are in the Postal Fort Worth Texas Division and I received a call from someone in their office today wanting to ask me some questions. He asked if I understood about the changes with the move update starting for this month, then he asked me what software we were using. I explained to him that we have been using AccuZIP Software for the last 20 years and I thought you were the #1 in the United States. I told him that you were the only software displayed in the Postal Section of the Smithsonian Institute. He asked me if I had to manually change the updated addresses and I told him no that the Software did it for us and I could print a report showing the old address and the new address. He told me out of 32,000 names that were updated only 3 were wrong and he just wanted to call me to see what Software we were using. Thanks for such good software and support from your company over the past 20 years.
C.K., Wichita Falls, TX