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Tech Notes

Labels are starting too high on the page

If you are printing labels on a laser printer and your labels are printing too high, use this technote to move the labels down on the sheet.

  1. From the Print Settings window, click on the Edit Template button.
  2. When the Label Desinger window opens, double-click on the Page Header bar.
  3. Increase the height of the page header. The more you increase the height, the more the labels will begin lower on the page.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Close the Label Designer, and click Yes to save changes when prompted.
  6. Try printing your labels, and make adjustments as needed.

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You are a genius and I have no excuse for not thinking of this before calling. Our customer is good with cutting the tops and bottoms for the booklets to get under 16 ounces. Thank you for getting me out of a jam and thank you even more for offering your help with this project! I decided to switch to AccuZIP after speaking with Steve at the Minuteman Show. I was impressed with his idea of customer service and you have totally proven him right.
M.M., Petaluma, CA