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Export Database as Pipe Delimited Text File

This technote uses the Command feature. Find this feature in AccuZIP6 by pulling down the Edit menu to Command,

This command allows you to export your AccuZIP6 Database file as a pipe delimited (|) text file. The text file will only have | characters in between each field; no commas will separate the fields. By default, the command will export your data to C:\pipe.txt. Change the path in all three instances of the path being mentioned in the command if you plan on giving the file a different name or if you plan on saving the file to a different location.

The Command

PUBLIC comString


In the Save As box of the Command window, give the command a name, such as Export as Pipe Delimited Text.

Click Run to create the export file.


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As a new customer of Accuzip, I just wanted to thank you for all of Accuzip’s help and patience with us in preparing this job so well. Our particular thanks to your technicians for multiple support calls and emails with our elementary questions while we learned on-the-job. Frankly, none of us had any experience with postal regulations or mail list technology, so we are especially grateful to have had them as a resource. Please tell them how much we appreciate their help!
K.M., Atlanta, GA