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Select records in your database within a specified radius

The ZIPs in Radius feature allows you to create a database of ZIP Codes that are within a certain amount of miles from a chosen ZIP Code, but this feature won't tell you which addresses in your database meet that criteria. To find out which records in your database exist within a certain number of miles from a specific ZIP Code, use the Search Editor and follow these instructions:

  1. With your database open, pull down the Select Menu to Search Editor.
  2. Make sure the Search Filter is empty.
  3. In the Fields list, double-click on ZIP.
  4. In the Conditions list, scroll to the bottom and choose Within Radius of Nth Miles.
  5. In the Look For: text box, type the 5 digit ZIP Code, then a comma, and the number of miles that your radius will be. For example, if you want to capture the records in your database that are within 20 miles of 97022, then type this in the Look For box:


  1. Click Search.

The found records will appear on your screen.

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