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Transfer NCOALink License To a Different Computer

If you have two or more licenses, enter the Unique ID number that you'd like to deactivate into the Deactivate box on the form and enter the Unique ID number that you'd like to activate in the Activate box. If you have one license, leave the Deactivate box blank.

Fill out the form below and click Submit. Once we receive this information, we'll complete the transfer. The computer you're deactivating will become disabled as soon as the new one is enabled.

To find the Unique ID number on your computer:

  1. Launch AccuZIP6, then cancel the Open/Create window.
  2. From the Additions menu, choose Activate Product...
  3. Highlight the Unique ID number, then press CTRL+C to Copy it.
  4. In this form, click in the Unique ID  text box and press CTRL+V to paste the code

Transfer NCOALink®


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Prior to Accuzip we used SAP Postalsoft. We looked for its replacement and chose Accuzip based on testimonials of how great customer service was and on pricing which was very attractive. Best move we've ever made in software and you folks live up to all the good things I heard. I still get calls every 6 months from FirstLogic ( a distributer of the old Postalsoft and others) to see if I'm still happy with Accuzip. I always say the same thing: Yes, very happy. Thanks for checking in.
B.H., Newtown, PA