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2020 Postal Rates & Industry Alerts

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Below are rate changes for some of the most commonly used mail types. The Postage Rate Increase is effective January 26, 2020

Select rates for First-Class® Mail

Mail Class Old Rate New Rate
Single-piece Letter ‒ first oz. 55¢ 55¢
Single-piece Metered ‒ first oz. 50¢ 50¢
Single-piece Flat ‒ first oz. $1.00 $1.00
Each additional oz. (letters and flats) 15¢ 15¢
Parcels (retail) – up to 4 oz. $3.50 $3.80
Parcels – each additional oz. over 4 oz. 18¢ 80¢
Postcards 35¢ 35¢
Presorted letter (now same price up to 3.5 oz.) 45.8¢ 46.0¢
Surcharge for non-machinable letters 21¢ 15¢
Presorted flat ‒ first oz. 79.9¢ 81¢
Presorted flat – each additional oz. 21¢ 20¢
Automation letters: 5-digit ‒ first oz. 37.8¢ 39.1¢
Automation postcards: 5-digit – first oz. 25.7¢ 26¢
Automation flat: 5-digit ‒ first oz. 47.4¢ 43¢
Surcharge for non-machinable letters 21¢ 15¢

Select rates for USPS Marketing Mail®

Mail Class Old Rate New Rate
Letter 3.5 oz. or less – AADC (machinable) 28.7¢ 29.5¢
Flat 4 oz. or less – ADC (non-automation) 60.2¢ 62.9¢

Select Rates for Other Services

Mail Class Old Rate New Rate
Certified Mail®* $3.45 $3.55
Media Mail® – 1 lb. single-piece $2.66 $2.80
Library Mail – 1 lb. single-piece $2.53 $2.66
Return receipt - retail $2.75 $2.85
Return receipt - electronic $1.50 $1.70

*The USPS will also offer a combo price for Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery for $9.00.

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The Postal Service is pleased to announce the launch of the new Mailing & Shipping Solutions Center (MSSC) email contact option on August 1, 2020 at .
The toll-free phone number remains the same at 1-877-672-0007. You can now reach a trained and professional Mailing Requirements staff representative who can assist you with all your commercial mailing and shipping needs via email or phone.
The hours of operation of the MSSC are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Central Time, and closed on holidays.

When contacting the MSSC via email, please include the following information along with your question for better service:
·       Company Name & Address
·       Contact Name, Phone Number, & Email Address
·       Account, CRID, Permit, and/or Incident Numbers
 We are excited to share this announcement with you, our valued customers, and look forward to working together as the USPS continues to innovate and streamline solutions for our commercial mailing and shipping partners. For more information on the MSSC visit our page on PostalPro at

You guys have indeed been great partners in aiding us with getting our mailings processed through your software and out the door.  I want to say we’ve been with you guys for at least 12 years now, if not longer.  Find something good you stick with it is how I see it.
P.H., Colorado Springs, CO