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2018 Postal Rates

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Below are rate changes for some of the most commonly used mail types. For a complete list of 2018 postal rates compiled by Idealliance, please click here.

Select rates for First-Class® Mail

Mail Class Old Rate New Rate
Single-piece Letter ‒ first oz. 49¢ 50¢
Single-piece Metered ‒ first oz. 46¢ 47¢
Single-piece Flat ‒ first oz. 98¢ $1.00
Each additional oz. (letters and flats) 21¢ 21¢
Parcels (retail) – up to 4 oz. $3.00 $3.50
Parcels – each additional oz. over 4 oz. 18¢ 18¢
Postcards 34¢ 35¢
Presorted letter (now same price up to 3.5 oz.) 45.3¢ 45.8¢
Surcharge for non-machinable letters 21¢ 21¢
Presorted flat ‒ first oz. 79.8¢ 79.9¢
Presorted flat – each additional oz. 21¢ 21¢
Automation letters: 5-digit ‒ first oz. 37.3¢ 37.8¢
Automation postcards: 5-digit – first oz. 25.3¢ 25.7¢
Automation flat: 5-digit ‒ first oz. 44.6¢ 47.4¢
Surcharge for non-machinable letters 21¢ 21¢

Select rates for USPS Marketing Mail®

Mail Class Old Rate New Rate
Letter 3.5 oz. or less – AADC (machinable) 28.4¢ 28.7¢
Flat 4 oz. or less – ADC (non-automation) 55.5¢ 60.2¢

Select Rates for Other Services

Mail Class Old Rate New Rate
Certified Mail®* $3.35 $3.45
Media Mail® – 1 lb. single-piece $2.63 $2.66
Library Mail – 1 lb. single-piece $2.50 $2.53
Return receipt - retail $2.75 $2.75
Return receipt - electronic $1.45 $1.50

*The USPS will also offer a combo price for Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery for $8.55.

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