The specified module could not be found | 306

Information and solutions relating to printing and exporting the intelligent mail barcode.

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The specified module could not be found | 306

Post by Eric » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:00 am

imailbc message
OLE Error Code 0x8007007e: The specified module could not be found | 306

If you receive this error message, either in the Print Only version of AccuZIP6 or in AccuZIP6, and you're getting this when you're attempting to print the Intelligent Mail Barcode on your mailpiece, this should only appear if the iMailBarCode.dll or usps4cb.dll haven't been registered.

These get registered when you install AccuZIP6 or the Print Only version, so uninstalling and re-installing may help. However, before you go to that measure, see if you have .NET on your computer.

To find out if you have .NET installed, browse to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework

If you don't have a Microsoft.NET directory, then you don't have .NET installed.

Download the .NET installer from one of these two links.

Microsoft .NET for 32 bit (most common)
Microsoft .NET for 64 bit

If you're unsure which link to use, use the 32 bit link.

Once you've downloaded that file, double click on it to begin installation.
After installation of .NET, follow these instructions:

If you've installed .NET on the computer where the AccuZIP6 Print Only version resides...

Exit the AccuZIP6 Print Only program.
Go into the Add/Remove Programs area of the Control Panel.
Remove the AccuZIP6 Print Only version.
Close the control panel, then re-install the Print Only version. If you don't have an installer for the Print Only version, you can get the latest one from this link:
Download that update, then double click on the downloaded update to install it.
Now you'll be able to print the Intelligent Mail Barcode with the AccuZIP6 Print Only version.

If you're getting that error with the AccuZIP6 program instead, uninstall AccuZIP6 after installing .NET, then reinstall again from the latest AccuZIP6 update, which can be found at
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