No Records Were Imported message when opening a list

Exporting expressions and information including exporting data in presort order or import order, and importing information, along with error messages that may apply to this category.

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No Records Were Imported message when opening a list

Post by Eric » Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:44 am

When you open a .dbf file in AccuZIP6 with the "Open List for the First Time" option in the Open/Create window or with File > Open List, don’t be concerned. You’ll get that message when you import a dbf file.

If you were opening a text file or Excel file, which is a file of records that get imported into an empty dbf file, then you’d get a window telling you how many imported. But with a DBF file, the file is opened rather than imported, and therefore it tells you no records were imported. That message will be changed very soon to eliminate this confusion. But there is nothing wrong with your file.
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