Change name to Current Resident when they move out of state

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Change name to Current Resident when they move out of state

Post by Eric » Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:10 pm

You may have no interest in mailing to people who have moved out of your state. If this is the case, the command below can look for records that have moved out of state (after NCOALink processing) and change the name to Current Resident while changing the address back to the original address.

Validate your records in AccuZIP6 with NCOALink, making sure you check the Preserve Original Address, City, State, and ZIP boxes in the Integrity section.

After validation and once NCOALink has updated your database, pull down the Edit menu to Command.

Paste the command that's inside the Code box below inside the Command Statement Syntax window. Give the Command a name in the Save As box.

Code: Select all

Replace address with oaddress,city with ocity,st with ostate,zip with ozipcode,first with "CURRENT RESIDENT",last with "" FOR !EMPTY(nxi_) AND !"AZ" $ UPPER(st)
Customize this command:

The command is currently looking for records that moved out of Arizona. Change AZ to whatever state abbreviation applies to you. Make sure you type it in ALL CAPS.

If you don't want CURRENT RESIDENT to appear in ALL CAPS, then make that adjustment in the command as well.

When you're finished editing the command, click RUN, then Close the Command window.
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