Have AccuZIP6 monitor a folder to CASS Certify/NCOA files

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Have AccuZIP6 monitor a folder to CASS Certify/NCOA files

Post by Eric » Thu Nov 09, 2006 4:15 pm

These instructions will teach you how to run a command that will check an incoming folder for .csv files, and when AccuZIP6 sees a .csv file in the incoming folder, it will immediately validate the list and process it through NCOA, then export it to an Out folder. Follow the instructions below to have AccuZIP6 monitor an incoming folder and validate automatically:

Download and unzip the file: autovalidatecommand.zip

Extract the contents of the autovalidatecommand.zip file to your default AccuZIP6 directory (By default: C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 4.0)

Move the Auto Cass.txt file into your C:\Program Files\AccuZIP6 4.0\Commands folder.

In the root level of the C: drive create a folder named Working.

In the C:\Working folder, create a subfolder named In.

In the C:\Working folder, create a subfolder named Out.

You should now have the hierarchy that matches:
  • C:\Working\In
Open a file in AccuZIP6 that will contain the same structure as the .CSV you will be processing.

From the Special menu, choose Validate Records.

Choose the Validation settings that you want, then save the settings as STANDARD.

Validate the list.

From the Edit menu, choose Command. Select the Auto Cass command.

AccuZIP6 is now waiting for the .csv file to be dropped into the C:\Working\In folder with the same structure as the database that you had manually validated.

As soon as a .csv file is found in the In folder, AccuZIP6 will validate the file and export a new .csv to the C:\Working\Out folder.

To stop the auto validation process:
Drop a file named exit.txt into the C:\Working\In folder.
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