NCOAlink Processing Summary Report Explanation of Totals

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NCOAlink Processing Summary Report Explanation of Totals

Post by Dave » Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:14 am

Below is the explanation of where the numbers on the form come from:

Total Processed are the total number of records with a ZIP+4 AND also contain name information. We do not send any record without name and +4 information as there is no need.
Note: This number can be different (and often is ) from the deliverable records because the NCOALink service will change the records that have MOVED- NO FORWARDING ADDRESS, FOREIGN MOVE and PO BOX CLOSED to a non deliverable record. Therefore never matching the ending result of deliverable +name records.

Total NCOALink Matches
are the total number of Matches made to the NCOALink + ANKlink data on our Licensed NCOALink servers. If you do not subscribe to the ANKlink service, this number can be confusing as it shows a number you cannot query. You will ONLY be able to see the NCOALink matches (minus the ANKlink matches). If you do have the ANKlink service, you can match the records by using SHOW: NCOA Matches (ALL) feature. The number that appeared on the NCOALink message “There were xx number of additional matches in the 19-48…..) + the total NCOALink matches in your list will total the “Total NCOALink Matches” number on the report.

Total ANKlink Matches
are the total number of matches made in the ANKlink service, if you do not have the ANKlink service this number should always be zero.

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