Mailer Scorecard COA Violations

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Mailer Scorecard COA Violations

Post by Terry » Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:59 am

Some users may evaluate their Mailer Scorecard results and see errors for missed COAs, despite running their lists through AccuZIP6. This information may help, in that case.

COA errors can come from a number of causes—the moves could be beyond your current search time (0-18 months), or they could be filed with slight variations in the name/address combination. AccuZIP always errs on the side of caution when changing address information, so we require a 100% exact match based on name and address to change any record in your database due to COA. If the USPS is finding some moves that are ‘close’ matches and considering them a valid COA, that could also be part of the issue.

When you are importing your data, you’ll want to make sure to map your names to “First” and “Last”, and company information to “Company”—you never want to map names to company, or vice-versa. The software will not be matching Individual or Family moves against a Company field, or Firm moves against the First+Last fields, for example.

The only way to get a definitive answer on that, however, would be to get the COA information that the USPS says it found, and compare it to the entry record that was supplied to AccuZIP. If there’s a slight difference, that would be why the record was not matched and changed. If it did find a match, the delay between running NCOA and preparing the mail (and entry to the BMEU) could have something to do with it…if they’re brand new moves. NCOA data gets updated weekly, so the only time that could have any impact is if the move is brand new and in the current month that your mailing is going out in.

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