NCOA process clears validated countynm_ and area_ fields

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Post by Eric » Tue Feb 27, 2007 10:16 am

When your names and addresses are uploaded to the NCOA Servers for processing, the USPS-supplied NCOA Server data does not contain county information. Because of this, AccuZIP6 cannot repopulate the county fields during the NCOA process. The County information will usually change when the address changes, so the county information is stripped out of the three county fields.

The best way of updating the county information after the NCOA process has finished is to click on the Look In pull down menu and choose the Matchflag_ field, then type in the letter M. That will show you all the addresses that moved.

Pull down the Special menu to Validate Records, click on Selection, then validate with the NCOALink box unchecked (and the Preserve boxes unchecked if you don't want those to be altered). This way, instead of validating the entire list again, you're only validating the records that had changed addresses through NCOA processing.
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